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Where will we be two years from now?

One of the important considerations in any new roll out in a curriculum is "reality check." This is important so that we set realistic goals, get staff and administration of school into a more realistic mindset, and fund PD in an appropriate way. It is easy for people/administrators in for instance a Digital Technologies bubble to not see the wider picture of actual PD progress for teachers. Generally, there is always a slower uptake than expected and that in itself can cause stress and therefore slower implementation (or backoff) within staff in a school. 

In this light it is interesting to read this information from England (albeit in one focused aspect of DT) who have been blazing the trail slightly longer than us in N.Z. What are your thoughts? What can we learn?


  • MisterDRoberts

    The UK are approx 2 years ahead of us here in NZ.  The Dept of Ed has invested heavily in a network of excellence and 8 or so universities have been training a network of master teachers and there are now 266 regional hubs.  NZ has been watching and learning and there will be a lot of investment in up-skilling teachers.  Primarily we need to upskill the primary sector and then the secondary specialists have been doing this for nearly 8 years.  The programs put in place to get this off the ground should work and will most definitely raise skills levels as long as those in charge focus on real practical deliverable skills and not theory.  Teachers are very busy people and they need to see where the new curriculum can fit, not as a new subject but as a way of delivering /integrating other subject content - Canterbury Uni's CS4PS is the perfect model - the teachers then need assistance in planning their curriculum for delivering the relevant progress outcomes.

Digital Technologies: Ideas, implementation, inspiration for the new curriculum.

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