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Musicnet Summary to 16 March 2018

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By MartinEmo



Kia ora tātou,

Yesterday I led a MENZA Music Technology Training Day in New Plymouth. Teachers traveled from far and wide (the furthest was 6 ½ hours!) to learn, share and find out more about how to use Music Technology in their own classroom and school. The day began with this quote from D Sadler’s  2007 article “Perils in the meticulous specification of goals and assessment criteria”


“Learners can be said to have learned something when three conditions are satisfied.

  • They must be able to do, on demand, something they could not do before.

  • They have to be able to do it independently of particular others, those others being primarily the teacher and members of a learning group (if any).

  • And they must be able to do it well. Assessment of learning should be directed towards gathering evidence for for this.”


A succinct small quote to reflect on in your teaching for next week perhaps.


Summary to 16 March 2018


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