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Post Election - What is happening with DT?

Here we have a links discussion posts in the DTTA (Digital Technologies Teachers Aotearoa) covering the latest feedback. It is a good group to belong to with its ongoing information and feedback, based on the Mobilize platform. While secondary focused in the past, the group has been widening focus in the last year. You can subscribe to the Primary group within it also.

Feedback on release of consultation feedback.

The DTTA website is here. (Awaiting rebranding from their old name)



  • Chris Dillon

    Thanks for the shout-out Warren.

    Obvious bias upfront: I am a committee member of NZACDITT, and a small correction - we are now DTTA (Digital Technologies Teachers Aotearoa) [intended to be pronounced "data"] dtta.org.nz which is bit less of a mouthful. The name will be officially adopted at our AGM on the 22nd November, along with a new logo and signage. The website to be adapted following that.

    I will agree with Warren, about the value of joining the Association. Since being founded in 2010 we had principally served the Secondary teacher sector. This year in light of the proposed changes to the NZC, and the DT | HM Consultation process we officially adopted a wider approach, to include Years 0 - 13, and also are reaching out to Kura and Wharekura Kura Kaupapa Māori. To facilitate the new areas, new memberships have been free for 2017. For 2018 (and existing members) membership is $50 p.a. per person.

    Currently we have over 540 members (with 44 in the Primary feed). If you (or any teachers you know) intend to use any aspect of the DT | HM curriculum next year I would encourage you join up. A number of the Committee and membership have been actively involved this year in the consultation groups, proposals, draft implementation, and standards reviews, as well as NCEA task and Yr 1 -10 exemplar and Teaching and Learning Guide creation. There's a wealth of expertise to connect with.

    Warren mentioned the current discussion Feedback on release of consultation feedback. Currently we awaiting release of the consultation feedback documentation, which is believed to be imminent. For Secondary teachers, our current understanding is that NCEA standards, tasks and T&LG, will be released on the 14th December, and is available for use in 2018. Trials for Level 2 & 3 are scheduled to begin in Term 2 next year, and be available for use in 2019, with the entire DT | HM curriculum to be embedded in 2020.

  • Chris Dillon

    The consultation documents have now been released by MoE.

    Titled "Sharing what we heard in the Digital Technologies and Hangarau Matihiko curriculum content consultation" they are available from http://education.govt.nz/news/sharing-what-we-heard-in-the-digital-technologies-and-hangarau-matihiko-curriculum-content-consultation/

    There are three reports:

    • the process we have followed in developing and consulting on the draft curriculum content
    • once consultation feedback was collected, a summary of what we heard and what we’re doing as a result
    • the next steps for the education sector to introduce the new curriculum content into schools and kura.

    The Martin Jenkins Consultation Process Report [PDF, 3.7 MB] this summarises and collates feedback received from the public consultation.

    The Curriculum Advisory Group Report [PDF, 2.2 MB] this group was established as an independent panel of experts commissioned to advise the Ministry on the draft Digital Technologies & Hangarau Matihiko curriculum content consultation feedback - and provide recommendations.

    A fourth report, The Ministry of Education’s response to the Curriculum Advisory Group Report, will be available on request. This report is a collation of the Curriculum Advisory Group Report and the Ministry’s detailed response to the consultation feedback.

    NOTE: Those wanting to see the Ministries response to our discussion regarding 'Compulsory' will need to request the fourth report.

Digital Technologies: Ideas, implementation, inspiration for the new curriculum.

Digital Technologies: Ideas, implementation, inspiration for the new curriculum.

A group to help us explore the new Digital Technologies curriculum as it unfolds. Join today to share your thoughts, ideas, experiences and resources.