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Boys Writing (July 3 2017)

Students were identified as a Cohort from Year 6 as not meeting the writing standards at the end of Year 5 2016 and Beginning of the year 2017.  This data has been taken from OTJ’s and E-asstle and students are not on track to meet the National Standards in Writing


  • That students will make accelerated progress towards meeting the writing standards​
  • That middle and senior school staff will inquire into their own teaching (content and style) to improve overall school improvements.
  • That a whole school overview will be monitored comparing Curriculum, Literacy progressions, National Standards, E-asstle and include exemplars


This year I was given the task of setting up a 'Target Writing Group' for 6 boys not meeting the National standard in Writing.  The cohort was an identified group of 6 x Year 6 Boys.  The programme was set up similarly to the ALL writing minus the funding.


Firstly I had my data and had to decide what to do with it.  I interviewed the boys and we discussed their views on writing in general.  As a group 80 percent of them said they just hated writing and that it was hard.  The things that were hard were the physical act of writing, thinking of ideas and understand genre based writing.  This all leading to a reluctance with their own writing.


My next approach was to find out what sorts of things these boys were interested in.  There was a varied range of topics activities and interest with some common themes like drifting cars, mountain bikes and humour.


Using this information I went away and decided to investigate things other Teachers around the country had done already.  I used a few of their models to formulate my own Inquiry which I then realised would be based around engagement and high interest topics.


Following a discussion with staff members, senior leadership, the advice given was to focus on recount writing.  and ways for the boys to have an achievable outcome in a 30 min lesson.  With this I managed to come up with SPARK which essentially was the word used for their motivation activity and then the writing activity.


I was able to find websites like the Literacy Shed, youtube clips, hands on activities these boys actually liked.  Once I had them hooked in I had we used this common theme for each writing lesson with an achievable outcome for the lesson. (There were other motivations like FOOD) A reflection was completed for each week at the completion of the lesson.


NOTE:  I will add to this blog with more information regarding my journey so far but have run out of time today.