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Summary of Musicnet 24th Feb 2017

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By MartinEmo



Kia ora tātou,

This week there was quite a variety of topics and threads Requests for help with Bagpipes and Rapping on the same day! Thanks to those of you who worked hard to craft great subject lines in response to my pointer in last week’s summary.


This week’s pointers are:

Recalling Messages

Once a message has be sent out it can’t be recalled. Just like when you send an email, it can’t be unsent. The only possible window of opportunity you have is to email me directly to reject it, in the slim chance I haven’t already done so. (This is rare)


Message Rejection

If you get a message rejection, you will get a response that I have pre-written explaining why. If you’re still wondering why, do drop me an email.



Get your Musicnet emails to go into a separate folder so that you can manage your email inbox. Ask your nearest ICT guru and they’ll be able to help you with the program you use, such as Microsoft Outlook or Gmail etc


Summary to 24 Feb 2017

General (for all Music Levels)




Intermediate/Lower Secondary  

  • Ideas on what to do with low-ability students that did not do Year 10 Music.



  • Learning Ideas is gauging demand for resources for the non-sound Performing Arts Unit Standards.

  • Important NCEA updates were highlighted here.

  • Jeni shared The Scale Omnibus

  • Ideas for Beatboxing at Level 1 and Level 3.

  • Ideas for Bagpipes at Level 1.

  • Examples of Level 1 compositions on Garageband.

  • Scores for use with US23730

  • Resources for using Rhapsody in Blue for L3 Music Works

  • The NZ Music Commission has compiled their education resources for songwriting and scaffolding up to NCEA here. There is a page dedicated to L3 Songwriting.


Professional Development/Concerts/Competitions



As always, this summary will be uploaded to the Musicnet VLN Blog and our Twitter feed @ArtsOnline1. To access any of the threads on the Arts Online website archive simply type the username “artsonline” and the password “mailinglist” to do this.


Martin Emo

HOD Performing Arts, Teacher in Charge of Music, Waimea College

TKI Arts Online Community Facilitator – Musicnet

Music Education New Zealand Aotearoa Board Member (MENZA)

EDnet Music Technology Mentor Australasia