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Visarts summary to the 6th February 2017

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By Bridget Blair


Visarts summary to the 6th February


Kia ora koutou, talofa lava, kiorana,

Welcome to the first summary for 2017. I hope that everybody in the community had a restful break and time with family over the festive season (my American-born partner calls it the two-month “kiwi eating season”).


I am looking forward this year to further, renewed focus on regional associations, the national association and of course the upcoming national ANZAAE conference in July- strength in unity!


If you are new to this now 1000-strong community you may want to:

  • filter your inbox - break times are quiet but when we get all fired-up/passionate about an issue the posts rapidly increase!

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  • To post to Visarts you can reply to messages and address is in the footer below -PLEASE edit the subject line so people can decide if it is relevant to them.


Celebrating Waitangi weekend:

Who would have imagined there is a wikiHow?! - How to Celebrate Waitangi Day: 6 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

One of the best ways that Art teachers can honour Waitangi celebrations and the treaty is by developing our personal/professional capacity to embrace and embed Te Reo and tikanga in our classrooms - this signals to students that we respect and uphold the language and values unique to Aotearoa.

Tikanga Māori in the classroom - 4.21 mins

Tikanga Maori Values - a simple list of tikanga and how to incorporate them in teaching approaches

Tikanga tips From Victoria University - especially great if you are new to teaching in Aotearoa

Building the mana of te reo and tikanga in the classroom - 2.20mins

Mihi/Pepeha booklet template - circulated last year, a useful resource for getting to know your students and helping them with their mihi

Resource kit for student teachers - Ako Aotearoa - aimed at pre-school/primary level BUT fabulous examples of tikanga in action for ALL.


Primary / junior secondary links:

Korowai Mātauranga - Cloaks of Knowledge - this digistory demonstrates how an art activity can connect ākonga to the community and whenua.

Waitangi Day Korowai Art activity from the Pond - you can see resources to decide if you want to sign up


NZQA Best practice workshops:

NCEA Folio dates for 2017

  • Level one submission of provisional results and portfolio collection is Wednesday 18 October.

  • Level two is Wednesday 25 October.

  • Level three Thursday 2 November.


Professional readings /  interesting links:


Professional learning and development funding access is changing…

Check this site and thread: PLD changes - Jennie farewelled Di Smallfield as the Arts PLD contract came to an end which prompted many others to express their gratitude to Di for the myriad of ways in which she has provided knowledge and support to the sector a Farewell was also posted by Di


Threads over the break:

  • Oamaru stone resources - Rachel is still maybe awaiting help with this…

  • Parihaka - teaching programme and artists - thanks to all who responded to Nkikki’s request

  • CHCH Art Gallery - Lessons Term 1, 2017 - some exciting opportunities available for students

  • Level 2, 2.4 Photography - Rowena shared a folio as the grade was queried.

  • Integrating Arts at secondary level

  • Digital copies wanted - Tim’s great folio resource re-emerged with people wanting copies so he shared his drive link - thanks Tim

  • Digitally colour comics with Photoshop

  • Photography scheme of work - Helen shared a link to a photo 2.2 and 2.3 resource “Portraiture: Constructing, Concealing, Revealing Identities.” linked to the Cindy Sherman exhibition.

  • 1.1 that compares contemporary Maori Art to Japanese Art - Sara got some useful ideas

  • School Artist in Residency Structure - Rob requested ideas- John provided a useful link to his school’s site information - thanks!


Naku noa na,



Bridget Blair

Arts Online Community Facilitator - Visartsnet​


Post to: visartsnetlists.tki.org.nz

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