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Seesaw for e-Portfolios - Tech Question


I was hoping to hear from some schools who are using Seesaw for their e-Portfolios - especially the pros and cons/benefits and drawbacks of using Seesaw for School ($) or just using Seesaw for free. We're looking for a platform to house both student work (documents, photos, etc) as well as media (video files). Any information would be greatly appreciated! 





  • Steve Trotter

    Hey Micehelle,

    I would defintly recommend Seesaw for Schools. This link has all the differences http://web.seesaw.me/seesaw-for-schools-features

    Big ones for me is the ability to centrally manage everything (including setting up classes at the start of the year), have portfolio's roll over from year to year and get access to what seems to be immediate support (to date).

    Is 'advertised' as $7 per student, per year, but we got onto a special that was $5 - would be worth asking if they would 'match this!'.


  • KatrinaL

    Kia ora Michelle

    I've worked with a number of schools who have trialled Seesaw. The first part of the journey was trialling the free version, which offers so much as a free platform to share student's learning, connect with whānau and promote learner agency. 

    There are many features within the free version that will give great insight into the potential for your context/learning environment. I've worked with students from New Entrants to Yr 8, and the tool has proved that at all levels it is effective and very compatible with most apps and versatile across devices (iPads/Chromebooks...).

    The schools I worked alongside trialled the free version for a year (as part of a school-wide or Team collaborative Inquiry) and most have gone into purchasing Seesaw for Schools. It wasn't until they went through this exploration and trial period they wanted to upgrade. I do suggest this is a great starting point. I agree with Steve, ask them for a price. I believe the size of your school impacts the price.

    There's some great ways to manage your student's learning within the free account. You can create folders e.g. Writing and tag the student's learning in this folder so you can easily access this for assessment/evidence of learning. 

    If you want to discuss anything about this I am happy to. I am a facilitator for CORE Education and a Seesaw Ambassador. 

    If you want to use this link to sign up, you will get an extra month of the Premium features for free. 

    Ngā mihi,




  • Tessa Gray

    Kia ora Michelle, here's something that might interest you too...

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    In this webinar we will explore...

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    • Why should I use it?

    • Experience Seesaw as a Student

    • Classroom Ideas and Examples

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    • Digital Citizenship

    • Questions, Help and Resources


    This webinar is interactive, so REGISTER NOW and see what you'll need prior and during this live event. This webinar will also be supported by a thread in the Technologies group and hosted in Adobe Connect with Tessa Gray.

    Katrina has replied to you above, but we're also lucky enough to have Seesaw Ambassador Katrina Laurie take us through this platform in more detail during this webinar. Love to see you there, tell your friends!