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New Scratch Resource in time for Hour of Code

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By James Robson

The Scratch Team has launched a new Things to Try page with tutorials, activity cards, and educator guides at http://scratch.mit.edu/go/

There are nine different topics. The activities have much more scope than the original Scratch Cards. Each topic comes with a series of cards. So you can build on the learning. 

Eg. Make Music 

Includes an Educators guide:


A series of Activity Cards:


If you click on the tutorial link it will take you directly to Scratch and you can follow along while building your project.

I think the help feature is under used in Scratch. To find the help section click on the question mark to the right of the scripts area next click on all tips. You will see all the tutorials under "Step by Step". There is also a "How To" tab and a "Blocks" tab you can select.  

I'm planning to use this for Hour of Code on Monday.