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Titahi Bay North School: Digital Planners

In March 2016, senior kaiako (Parani Te Moana, Pohoira Clay and Tania Chapman) at Titahi Bay North School attended an Enabling e-Learning webinar on Digital Teacher Planners. It was good timing for them, as they were using Google Docs and finding them increasingly harder to manage their planning and assessment.


At the same time their LwDT facilitator, Kathe Tawhiwhirangi had given them a challenge to attend an e-learning event online - part of their own personalised BINGO game (Digital Selves Bingo) to encourage kaiako and tumuaki to try something new. As a result of attending the LIVE event, Titahi Bay North School is now looking into trialing a digital planning system that will suit their needs across a dual medium school.


What happened


There are 2 rumaki and 3 auraki classrooms in Titahi Bay North school and while all the teachers were becoming more transparent with their planning and assessment practices using Google Docs, they were also finding things difficult to locate, and in some cases items were misplaced. Senior management (including teaching deputy principals) would get multiple notifications from everyone sharing their planning - weekly plans, reading plans, maths plans and anything else they had uploaded - often filed in different places. LwDT facilitator Kathe Tawhiwhirangi was aware of what they were hoping to achieve using cloud solutions, and made the connection to the up-coming Enabling e-Learning live event on Digital Teaching Planners (3/2016).


Digital Planners webinar

Webinar: Digital Planners (3/2016) Part of this thread: Forum: Digital Teacher Planners - an Enabling e-Learning event

With Kathe’s help, they registered for this event. Prior to the webinar, Parani wanted to see what other teachers are doing in regards to this area. Three kaiako (Parani, Pohoira and Tania) attended the webinar in Adobe Connect with a single sign-in (their first one ever), using a data projector and speakers.


During the webinar, Tam Yuill Proctor (St Andrews College) talked about Onenote, Bernice Swain shared Google Drive and Helen McEwen represented iUgo as a company representative. The live event was about showcasing digital tools teachers are using for planning as well as sharing affordances, possibilities and challenges with some of the tools. The invaluable part of the live event was the examples shared.



As they had already trialed paper/digital planning with Google docs prior to the webinar, they were looking for another solution and expressed an early interest in iUgo because they could see how it connected directly with both NZC and TMOA in their dual medium setting. They wanted to trial the tool straight away, but decided instead to get the rest of the staff on-board so they could have ownership of the digital planning processes.


A time to share the webinar recording was set with the other five kaiako in the kura, and the next designated LwDT staff hui, became a “movie” session.  Following this Parani and the team reflected on the tool using a P.M.I (Positive, Minuses, Interesting). With the principal on-board, they set about trialling iUgo, which extended beyond the initial six weeks. The teachers were increasingly liking the tool;


“Because everything was there at a click of a bottom. You could click on one thing once, press a button,  and it was instant, you don’t have to repeat yourself.”


During the trial phase, kaiako were supported from afar by the iUgo team using screen-sharing tools. Staff have in-turn shared what they have learned with each other; so the conversations, skills and shared understandings have grown. The iUgo team also understood the specific kupu of Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, which has been most useful in this context.


Where to from here?


In the future, Titahi Bay North staff want to continue to explore the relationship between digital planning, assessment and evaluation and the potential for tracking student data and improving student outcomes for all.


Kaiako attribute their progress towards digital planning directly to Kathe’s support and the webinar hosted and presentations shared that day because, we got to see a variety of different styles and then we could make a choice.


A big thank you to Titahi Bay North School, Parani, Kathe Tawhiwhirangi for sharing this story. Nice to know we help schools whenever they are online, wherever they are :-)


Please note, there are costs associated with using iUgo and Titahi Bay North have yet to confirm which online planning platform they will proceed with.