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e-Learning round-up | 21 September 2016

Tēnā koutou, talofa lava, malo e lelei and welcome to the latest e-learning related pānui from across the VLN and Enabling e-Learning community groups.

The holidays are nearly upon us, so here are some goodies to catch up on from the Enabling e-Learning community and VLN, as well as the latest news in the Enabling e-Learning Newsletter (TKI).

We're looking forward to working with you more again in Term 4. Keep an eye out for the upcoming calendar of events.

In the meantime, have a lovely break everyone.

Hei konā mai

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Enabling e-Learning: Beyond the classroom swirl logo  Beyond the classroom


Communities of Online Learning: In this thread we invite you to discuss the how the new initiative of Communities of Online Learning (COOLs) could benefit our learners. How do you see online learning being utilised to benefit your students?

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Check out Beyond the Classroom >>>  Enabling e-Learning website.


Teaching logo Learning and Teaching

Curriculum for the future: In a fast-paced, increasingly technological world, we can’t predict what our students will need to know, instead we'll need to have a focus on how to prepare our students to become life-long learners. We're going to need a Curriculum for the future for that. Find out more here >>>

What skills and dispositions are students going to need in a world like this? We’re in a fast-paced changing world influenced by many emerging technologies. What skills and dispositions will our students need and are we ensuring they'll be well equipped when they leave our schools?

FORUM: 7 principles of learning | Building horizontal connections: Several community members continue to share how they build horizontal connections through different opportunities for their learners. What are you doing to support your learners to connect further with the content as well as locally and globally?

Putting the learning outcome first: Why instructional design must focus on learning outcomes, not learning activities highlights. Here's some useful things to consider when designing and planning learning experiences for students. 

Update from the NetSafe team: Karen Spencer updates us on the changes that have happened in NetSafe over the past few months. Here's a rundown of the news and the new resources available.

Using digital technologies to support learning in a senior secondary context: Jane Armstrong shares a new online guide (CLA) that provides support for school leaders and teachers preparing for NZQA's extensive innovation programme for going digital. Jane asks, what are you doing in your school to prepare? 

There's been a spike in activity across the network focused on teaching and learning, here is a quick round up of these e-learning related gems:

Digital assessment

Modern learning or Innovative Learning Environments

Reading with digital resources

Special delivery


Te Rangitukutuku | Navigating the digital landscape: LwDT project facilitator Daphne Papuni has been working with ngā ruma rumaki at Pukekohe North School to grow their e-capability using Te Rangitukutuku (digital Māori Medium e-learning planning framework). Read more here >>>

Questions about Blended Learning in Kaupapa Maori setting: Miss Mary asks some important questions around whether or not blended learning can improve students' academic success in a Kaupapa Maori setting. Daphne Papuni has commented on how some kura are addressing blended ways to meet Māori learner needs. Do you have more to add?

Raising NCEA achievement at year 11 using Polyfest as an authentic learning context


imageCheck out e-Learning and Teaching >>> the Enabling e-Learning website.


red spiral logo Leadership & strategic direction  

Enabling e-learning forum: Look how far we've come | NAPP Kōrero 14 2016: In this forum we invite all community members (you) to reflect on the impact of your learning so far, as a result of engaging in professional learning conversations online. What has been new learning for you?

Why are innovator’s mind-sets and in-depth collaboration and cooperation crucial in resourcing ILEs? | NAPP Kōrero 6 2016NAPP and Enabling e-Learning community members continue to discuss and debate their opinions, views and experiences in the four themes derived from this question.

FORUM: What does innovation look like in your school? | An Enabling e-Learning event: More great stories of innovation have been shared in this discussion. Definitely well worth the read! We'd also love to hear more about how your students are engaging in innovative learning opportunities


TKI logoCheck out Leadership and e-Learning >>> the Enabling e-Learning website.


Professional Learning yellow logo Professional Learning 


Teachers leading teachers: An interview with Wendy Keating: What happens when NZ teachers get together and engage in learning online in Enabling e-Learning? Great things happen - just like in this story with NAPPers Wendy Keating and Rachell Leitch. Read more here >>>

Online learning translates to improved classroom practice: Meet Erika Ward, teacher at Outram School in Dunedin. Through a series of online engagements and through a process of action and reflection, Erika has initiated changes to her classroom environment and teaching that has resulted in positive outcomes for her students. Read more here >>>

When formal research meets informal networks online, shifts in practice can occur: This story is about the power and potential of an organised educational network to support and drive new learning for adult educators.

New ways to reimagine PLD in 2016: Are you a self-driven learner online? You might recognise these five ways teachers can participate in their own professional development. Do you have more to add?

Forum: How do schools ready themselves for modern learning pedagogies? NAPP and Enabling e-Learning community members continue to share points of view, experiences, current research and theory associated with implementing ILEs and modern learning pedagogies. How are you trialling or implementing innovative learning practices in your school?


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 Green swirly logo Technologies & Infrastructure  

Enabling e-Learning event | What will we see in technology and e-learning now and in the future? Knowledge is building on itself so rapidly that technological advancements can be hard to keep up with. Science fiction becomes a reality as new technologies touch all facets of our lives. What does this mean for us as teachers and more importantly, what does it mean for our students?

Upgrading Teacher Laptops / Issues with TELA: In this thread, community members share some ongoing support around technical queries related to TELA laptops.

Some Google related threads that may interest you: 


Grammar Apps: Kate Friedwald asks, can anyone recommend any good apps for assisting with grammar learning for primary-aged students? Can you help?

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CalendarFor your calendar...


EEL logo Enabling e-Learning events


  • Keep an eye out for the upcoming Enabling e-Learning Calendar of Events for Term 4. Out soon!
  • Enabling e-Learning webinars: On this page, you'll find the recorded webinars from 2011 to current. These include; teacher portfolios, innovative learning environments, BYOD, iPads in junior classes, registered teacher criteria, appraisal and e-learning, getting to know our learners, MLEs, gaming and many more! 

New Zealand mape-Learning events around NZ

Free online learning series - 23 Teaching things

Check out what is on offer from Learning Architects to power up your professional learning - there is something for school leaders, office staff and class teachers.

Twitter image Twitter Chats 

Follow the hashtags or users to find out details of each Twitter chat.

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