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reading I mentioned at PD today at Waikite

By donnak Comments (1)

I am not too sure how I came across it but I will give you some details I can see on the hard copy I printed out.

What I liked about it was it gave me a better understanding of the capabilities and why we need to teach our kids these things and how it linked in with the science statement in the NZ curriculum document.

Hope it is of interest.

It came from the site nzscienceteacher.co.nz  site

The article is called Unlocking the idea of 'capabilities' in science. Was published 25/07/2014 by Rose Hipkins a chief researcher at NZCER Wellington and at the end of the reading it says she leads NZCER's work related to how the key competencies in the NZ Curriculum are understood and enacted



  • Paul Ashman

    Thanks Donna

    Rose was a part of the original team that wrote both the NZC Science and the capabilities so has some interesting views to listen to! There are a fe good articles there -another good place to go is the NZASE site...