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In the Spotlight - Tony Cairns

spotlightThis year in Enabling e-Learning we are going to be inviting members to be put In the Spotlight and share a bit more about themselves so that we can get to know them. You may be approached to share, or if you would like to volunteer yourself or suggest someone else then please contact Nathaniel or Tessa.

In the Spotlight this week is Tony Cairns.

T Cairns Name: Tony Cairns

School/organisation: Wellington High School

Kia Ora
My Mountain is Rangitumau
My River is the Ruamahamga
My Iwi is Ngati Pakeha
My Home is Masterton and now Wellington
My world is virtual, web based and universal - I live online

My ancestors are Popper, Turing and Franklin
My subjects are Science, Genetics and biology
I teach and learn at Wellington High School

Explanation of image
When I had my retinas detached and the surgeons lasered them back into place - I was blinded by the light - so I told my students I had x ray vision and could see through their books and whether they had done their homework. They changed my profile pic to remember the day - now I can see all their work online 24/7 from home or school with the X-ray superpower of elearning  - so I have kept the pic to remember to look online.

What is the most exciting/inspiring thing that you have been involved with in education that involves e-learning tools or pedagogies?
The MindLab was far and away the best PD course I did in a decade of Learning - the teachers, students and learners were hard working, brilliant and shared all they knew and all the discovered - it was a real community of elearning scholars - I loved it. https://www.pond.co.nz/detail/581373/the-mind-lab-by-unitec

Startups are the hardest work but most fun of all  - as we build from scratch in a weekend of long hours and sleepless nights - a business, a strategy and an inspiration for innovation, creativity and online learning. https://www.pond.co.nz/detail/103478/startup-weekend-wellington and  https://www.pond.co.nz/detail/415512/govhack and https://www.pond.co.nz/detail/584479/open-data-christmas

The best resource in the world are the teachers, educators and technologists in the POND (by N4L). https://shar.es/1YBdwC

What are you most looking forward to in regards to 21st Century education this year?

Mahuki is reshaping Education In and Learning through Museums, Galleries, Libraries and Archives. I am looking forward to my students playing an active part in this development at Te Papa. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxrefaD2fy_FT3BWMEtXREVKM2c/view?usp=sharing

SciCon 2016 in the Hutt Valley where we will go to the scientists to experience real life cutting edge science as it happens. The amazing field trips and interactive opportunities, will let me meet the best in science in their own labs and hear, smell, see and feel the science as it happen. http://nzase.org.nz/event/scicon-2016/

What do you get up to in your relaxation time?
When i am not working - i love reading science fiction, watching movies -https://www.pond.co.nz/detail/43633/new-dvds-in-2014

And art , Photography and Street art are my passions - https://www.pond.co.nz/detail/183905/art-visual-virtual-and-street

My greatest joys and hopes and dreams are for my family community and profession - i aim to be the best partner, parent and learner i can be with the help and support of all i know and love - https://about.me/tonycairns

My goal in learning and life is Fun, Work and Play - https://www.pond.co.nz/detail/544176/fwp-fun-work-play