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Summary to the 15th April

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By Bridget Blair


Kia ora koutou,

Firstly I need to thank you all very much for the many and varied contributions to the online conversations we have been having. I enjoy the robust conversations (even when slightly fractious) as this is the sign of a community of passionate advocates for what we do and the unique experiences the Visual Arts provide for developing minds.


The NZQA survey about digital moderation certainly sparked a great deal of conversation. As we head towards NZQA’s future vision of ‘online, anywhere, anytime’ it is a very pertinent discussion to be having with regard to unique practices in Visual Arts and what might evolve and change in response to NZQAs adoption of this mantra.


I believe a particular post in the thread today from Michael is a worthwhile read for all. He begins...“Any process that takes both the students and teachers further from their core business is to be challenged at every stage. “ any of you teaching pre-NCEA could clearly attest that things have certainly changed markedly in terms of workload and a focus on assessment rather than learning in this time.


He goes on to pay tribute to those who have enabled us to be in the privileged position of art teachers and finishes:

“more of us should be using whatever spare time we can muster in the fight to retain the very special status that The Visual Arts enjoys in many schools across the country” which is a great point considering the government focus on a STEM foundation for all in the future curriculum focus document.


Related to this - have your say in the Secondary Teachers Census by April 22nd - you can toggle back and forth through questions which led me to simply state I taught Visual Arts as I was concerned as to why information about individual specialist Art subjects is being sought. At the end there is a space for your views and workload / work-life balance comes up too.


Coming Up:

Auckland Tibetan Buddhist Art Workshop, posted by Ella from Epsom Girls - 22nd April. Register here

iPad Animation workshop for teachers - hopefully another couple of people registered so that Helen from Kaikoura can go too!


Primary / Junior Secondary Teaching Links:

Pop Art - check out this cute Tate overview of Pop Art presented by a young girl. This could be used in the context of a combined poetry / art unit like this great resource looking at Basquiat (prints for older kids, maybe crayons and dye resist for younger kids).

Tints and shades: using Ice cream cones

Paul Klee inspired portraits

Draw a bee- use a grid to record details about a bee - hooks into careful ‘art’ looking and grid coordinates for maths

Drawing ellipses step by step for accuracy - to improve confidence for older kids

Landscape pre and post test


Senior secondary:

Brush control - a  clip on one-stroke brush technique for students that don’t get the connection between practicing and subsequent control!

BBC series - The Secret of Drawing episode 1

Digital moving image submissions on the Top Art website - some truly breathtaking stuff when you consider the candidates are juggling other subjects, family, work and other interests.


Summary of threads:

  • Chas from Kings advised that the vacancy advertised previously would be appointed for T2

  • Photography subject matter- a discussion about tripping the light fantastic between creativity, ethics and school/community based audiences

  • SOLO taxonomy - thanks to all of those of you swapping resources

  • Arts online newsletter is out


I hope you all have a great break over the next couple of weeks and return to Term 2 feeling refreshed.


Bridget Blair

Arts Online Community Facilitator - Visartsnet​


Post to: visartsnetlists.tki.org.nz

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