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e-Learning round-up | 6 May 2016

Tēnā koutou, talofa lava, malo e lelei and welcome to Term 2 and the latest e-learning related pānui from across the VLN. 

Thank you to those of you who took the time to complete the Enabling e-Learning Survey. The 5 winners of the $20 gift cards are Dave Stewart, Jo Maguire, Marilyn Small, Katarina Moore and Steph Campbell. The winners will be contacted shortly.

Check out the Enabling e-Learning Term 2 Calendar of Events to find a range of free online professional learning opportunities.

Here are some upcoming events worth sharing amongst your networks.

smiley FORUM: Collaborative projects for students, 16 May 2016 - 16 Jun 2016

This forum will showcase some collaborative projects and opportunities for you and your students to participate in. Please feel free to share your own examples of how students are collaborating together. This conversation will take place in the Teaching group.


smiley LIVE WEBINAR: Learning design - people-based design thinking, 25 May @ 3:45-4:45 pm

"Learning design is the practice of planning, sequencing, and managing learning activities, usually using ICT-based tools to support both design and delivery. Learning pedagogy and design-theory meet to define a people-based, flexible learning environment." Learning design: How the people-based design process works Enabling e-LearningCome join Hayden Shaw (Heretaunga College) and Philippa Nicoll Antipas (CLA/CORE) as we dive into this concept a little bit more deeply and find out what this means for educators. This webinar will be supported by a thread in the Enabling e-Learning | Teaching group and hosted in Adobe Connect with Tessa Gray and Nathaniel Louwrens. REGISTER NOW!

Find out more about another one of our amazing community members in, In the Spotlight - Lynne Silcock.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing more from you over the next few weeks.

Tess & Nathaniel smiley 

Badge for e-Member of the WeekEach pānui, we like to say thank you by nominating a community member for active participation in the Enabling e-Learning / VLN Groups. In this edition, we’d like to thank Titahi Bay North School for being willing to share their story of how they have used the Māori-medium e-Learning Planning Framework - Te Rangitukutuku to support their growth in e-capability across the school.


EEL logo Using the e-Learning Planning Frameworks


Using the Māori-medium e-Learning Planning Framework - Te Rangitukutuku to help raise e-capability across kura: Read the story of how Titahi Bay North School used the Māori-medium e-Learning Planning Framework to develop e-capability in their school.

MMeLPF/Te Rangitukutuku: In this video Kathe Tawhiwhirangi gives an explanation of the Māori Medium e-Learning Planning Framework. 

TKI logo

Check out e-Learning Planning Framework >>> Enabling e-Learning website.

Enabling e-Learning: Beyond the classroom swirl logo  Beyond the classroom 

social media


Ideas for engaging parents through blogs: annerotorua would like any ideas on how teachers are connecting with parents through class blogs.

TKI logo

Check out Beyond the Classroom >>>  Enabling e-Learning website.


Teaching logo Learning and Teaching

Punctuation Grammar Check for Docs: Lynne Silcock has shared an app, SAS Writing Reviser, for checking punctuation in Google Docs.

Opera - put on a show!: Find out about the LEARNZ virtual field trip about the opera.

What is digital literacy in the 21st century?: Tessa shares a concise list on 10 valuable digital age skills to take beyond school.

imageCheck out e-Learning and Teaching >>> the Enabling e-Learning website.


red spiral logo Leadership & strategic direction  


blue orangeWhy are innovator's mind-sets and in-depth collaboration and cooperation crucial in resourcing ILEs? | NAPP Kōrero 6 2016: In this latest discussion for the National Aspiring Principals Programme, 4 themes are brought out of this key question with separates discussions to contribute to.

FORUM: What does innovation look like in your school? | An Enabling e-Learning event: Some great stories of innovation have been shared in this discussion. How are you innovating in your classroom or school?

TKI logoCheck out Leadership and e-Learning >>> the Enabling e-Learning website.


Professional Learning yellow logo Professional Learning 


Virtual learning spaces: Do you have places that you like to go to learn or focus? What are your online learning spaces?
Forum: How do schools ready themselves for modern learning pedagogies?: A great webinar was held about Getting started in an ILE. In this discussion you can find a link to the recording as well as the key points and presentation.

TKI logoCheck out more e-Learning & Professional Learning >>> Enabling e-Learning website. 

 Green swirly logo Technologies & Infrastructure  

Robotics and different contexts: Lb is looking to use robotics in their classroom and is looking to find out what devices others have used and their experience of them.

devices Scanning: Susan McMillan is wanting to scan pages from books and apply speech-to-text so that students can access the material.

Cloud computing - Making the right choice: This post outlines the key points, presentation and recording from the recent Connected Learning Advisory webinar on choosing online platforms.

iPad update resulting in grey screen and can't get in or clear it in Meraki: Can you help Katrina solve this issue with iPads?

Making videos in YouTube: Savelina Lepou is looking for people who have had experience in editing movies with YouTube or can suggest apps for editing movies on Chromebooks.

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Check out e-Learning and Technologies >>> the Enabling e-Learning website.

CalendarFor your calendar...


EEL logo Enabling e-Learning events

  • Enabling e-Learning webinars: On this page, you'll find the recorded webinars from 2011 to current. These include using digital resources, digital learning spaces, BYOD, iPads in junior classes, registered teacher criteria, appraisal and e-learning, getting to know our learners, MLEs, gaming and many more! 

New Zealand mape-Learning events around NZ

​​Free online learning series - 23 Teaching things

Check out what is on offer from Learning Architects to power up your professional learning - there is something for school leaders, office staff and class teachers.

Twitter image Twitter Chats 

Follow the hashtags or users to find out details of each Twitter chat.

Images in the Public Domain from pixabay.com