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pear lsson

By donnak Comments (1)

On Friday I took my class of year two students through a pear observation lesson.  We practised using magnifying glasses.  How did they know it was a pear - because it of its shape - fat - where by an apple is round. It was green.  Felt bumpy.  They talked about the bump at the bottom which they thought was the flower - just like an apple.  They went to their lunch boxes to find an apple to show me.  I have a book from the library that we will look at next week shows the life cycle of an apple and the photos are very detailed.  They used their senses to describe the pear.  I found I wasn't listening enough - putting words into their mouths sometimes.  We cut the pear observed and talked about it and drew the pear both whole and in half.  One funny moment was when someone bought their picture to me.  He had written his best friends name (korey)beside the stalk because a girl at his table said he had to name the pear ! I meant label it.  The word were on the board and had talked about them - basic words skin stalk etc.


  • Paul Ashman

    Now that's funny about the naming the pear! Isn't it interesting to see the 'science disposition' isn't just naturally there'. Did the children enjoy the lesson? Were they more engaged?


    Well done Donna (and for posting here too!).