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e-Learning round-up | 31 March 2016

Tēnā koutou, talofa lava, malo e lelei and welcome to the latest e-learning related pānui from across the VLN. 

Enabling e-Learning logo Enabling e-Learning Survey 2016
We value your feedback! Please could you take some time to complete this survey on the Enabling e-Learning website and community groups. Your feedback will help plan future developments and events. There's even an opportunity to win a $20 gift card. Take the survey.

Here are some upcoming events worth sharing amongst your networks.

smiley LIVE WEBINAR: Getting started in an ILE - 6 April, 3:45-4:45 pm

Two primary schools, two very different journeys, each with their own focus on implementing Innovative Learning Environments in response to their learners' needs.

Hampden Street School has some wonderful experiences and practices to share around connecting and partnering with their community and building learner agency, while Woodend School (new build) has been developing their pedagogy, supporting teachers to work collaboratively and innovatively through PLD and also engaging with their community. Register here>>>

Find out more about another one of our amazing community members in, In the Spotlight - Sarah Burnett.

Keep an eye out for the Term 2 events to be announced soon! In the meantime, enjoy the latest e-Enabling e-Learning newsletter from TKI.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing more from you over the next few weeks.

Tess & Nathaniel smiley 

Badge for e-Member of the WeekEach pānui, we like to say thank you by nominating a community member for active participation in the Enabling e-Learning / VLN Groups. In this edition, we’d like to Nicholas Lekakis for sharing his learning around using Talanoa as another way to make connections between the school and the wider community.


Enabling e-Learning: Beyond the classroom swirl logo  Beyond the classroom 


connection network system Using digital technologies to communicate with whānau: The Connected Learning Advisory guide, Using social media to connect with your community, has been shared, including a great video from Pakuranga College's communications manager describing all the tools they use.

Key ideas filtering through on StuffHow can we let our parents/whānau know about important paradigm shifts and drivers in education?

Partnering with the community - Enabling e-Learning slow chat #eelslow: View the tweets from the first Enabling e-Learning slow chat and continue the conversation.

Posting photos of children online: Several articles and stories have been shared about the appropriateness of posting photos of children online.

TKI logo

Check out Beyond the Classroom >>>  Enabling e-Learning website.


Teaching logo Learning and Teaching

Learning spaces - Different spaces and their purposes
Stephen Collis explains caves, campfires and watering holes in both physical and virtual environments.

Using Talanoa to connect with parents and students: Nicholas Lekakis outlines the Talanoa process and asks if there are any schools that have used it to strengthen relationships with students and the wider community.

Waka Voyaging: Andrew Penny outlines the upcoming LEARNZ field trip. Your class can join in to the virtual field trip which is happening on 5-7 April.

Literacy Learning Progressions Reading and Writing Matrix: Tash has shared documents that she and a colleague put together for LLP.

Online Teacher Planners (getting rid of the black folder!): Rebecca Williams keeps this discussion going by sharing about a planning app called Planboard.

FORUM: Digital Teacher Planners | An Enabling e-Learning Event: A great webinar was held recently on digital teacher planners. You can access the recording, slides and key points from the Twitter stream from within this discussion.

Dictionary Apps for visually impaired: Karen Gilligan suggests a couple of dictionary apps that could be useful for low vision students.

devices pad Punctuation Grammar Check for Docs: Yvonne L shares a post from The Gooru on 4 Ways to Keep Your Writing Error-Free in Google Docs, Gmail, and Beyond.

Where to find good NZ apps: Julian Stokoe shares a new, New Zealand educational app about Huia called 12 Huia Birds. 

An Enabling e-Learning forum: Coding, digital literacy or a new kind of language?: Here's a cool video of tools to teach children coding without screens.

Power to the students: Are we taking powerful learning opportunities away from our students?

imageCheck out e-Learning and Teaching >>> the Enabling e-Learning website.


red spiral logo Leadership & strategic direction  


blue orangeFORUM: What does innovation look like in your school? | An Enabling e-Learning event
This conversation is heating up! Join in this discussion, where teachers and students share different approaches to innovation in schools. Share what you are doing and be inspired by others.

Developing school wide student agency in primary schools: Justin Hickey shares a great story about his daughter solving a problem she had at preschool and asks if anyone has any literature on developing student agency in primary school. 
TKI logoCheck out Leadership and e-Learning >>> the Enabling e-Learning website.


 Green swirly logo Technologies & Infrastructure  


WEBINAR: Making decisions around whole school platforms
Register now for this Connected Learning Advisory — Te Ara Whītiki webinar where advisors Warren Hall and Trevor Storr discuss the different whole school platforms available and what you need to consider when choosing one for your school. Register here>>>

The Connected Learning Advisory — Te Ara Whītiki is a free, Ministry of Education service which gives advice on support on integrating digital technologies with learning.

Student email accounts: Angela Sime has asked a question around limited access of student email accounts.

Choosing the right digital device: Watch the Connected Learning Advisory webinar and read the guide on choosing digital devices for schools. 

Google sign in not being remembered: Sharon Taylor is having some issues with the Google sign-in. Can you help?

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Check out e-Learning and Technologies >>> the Enabling e-Learning website.

CalendarFor your calendar...


EEL logo Enabling e-Learning events

  • Enabling e-Learning webinars: In this new look webinar page, you'll find the recorded sessions here from 2011 to current. These include using digital resources, digital learning spaces, BYOD, iPads in junior classes, registered teacher criteria, appraisal and e-learning, getting to know our learners, MLEs, gaming and many more! 

New Zealand mape-Learning events around NZ

​​Free online learning series - 23 Teaching things

Check out what is on offer from Learning Architects to power up your professional learning - there is something for school leaders, office staff and class teachers.

Twitter image Twitter Chats 

Follow the hashtags or users to find out details of each Twitter chat.

Images in the Public Domain from pixabay.com