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In the Spotlight - Sarah Burnett

spotlightThis year in Enabling e-Learning we are going to be inviting members to be put In the Spotlight and share a bit more about themselves so that we can get to know them. You may be approached to share, or if you would like to volunteer yourself or suggest someone else then please contact Nathaniel or Tessa.

In the Spotlight this week is Sarah Burnett.

spotlight-SarahName: Sarah Burnett

School/organisation: Upper Harbour Primary School

I’m a foundation staff member of Upper Harbour Primary in Auckland. I teach the awesome Room 3 (which is a  year 3/4 class) and I’m the team leader of the Pohutukawa Kids, four great classes (two Y3/4 and two Y5/6) I co-lead the Digital Collaboration strategy team and  I’m our school’s ICT co-ordinator (or gadget girl as I often get called). I’m a Seesaw Ambassador and I run our schools Digi Club. I’ve also just completed a postgraduate certificate through the Mind Lab. At home I’m known as mum to Paige, Ruby and Beau.

What is the most exciting/inspiring thing that you have been involved with in education that involves e-learning tools or pedagogies?
I’ve always been interested in digital technologies and finding ways to incorporate these into my teaching. Part of my role as ICT co-ordinator and leading the Digital Collaboration team is to support and inspire all staff at our school to use e-learning tools with their classes. I have really enjoyed finding national and global collaborations to be a part of in order to take my students learning outside the classroom. We’ve loved being a part of Mystery Skype, #nzreadloud, The Not Perfect Hat Club Blogit and much more! I really enjoy seeing other teachers experimenting with technology and it was great to get lots of classes on board with the Hour of Code last year. My colleague and I have just set up a Code Club after school with the help of a volunteer.

What are you most looking forward to in regards to 21st Century education this year?
Continuing to find ways to influence and inspire other teachers to get on board with technology and to not be afraid to try things, as you don’t need to know how everything works before you try it! I’m not an expert at coding but my students proved to me that they could learn it without my help! Looking forward to getting into robotics this year and using our new found coding knowledge to programme them.

What do you get up to in your relaxation time?
Spending time with family and friends, reading, playing sport and exploring new technologies. My husband and I are building our first home this year, so lots of looking at house magazines and visiting our section to check on progress.

Favourite quote
“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle. Be kind. Always”