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Visarts Summary to the 20th March

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By Bridget Blair


Kia ora koutou,

Apologies for the gap between summaries...I have been busy getting to know my students, completing the annual report for the Board of trustees and creating a complete inventory of chemicals and hazards in response to the recent legislation related to the new Health and Safety at Work Act - who knew Linseed oil was so deadly?!

  • phew -

It has been great to see you all keeping the home fires burning meanwhile with some great threads and important notices for all...here are some links and a summary of what has been going on…


For anyone new to the forum you will need to enter a log-in (artsonline) and password (mailinglist)  to access some of the links below. There are also links to post and to out Pinterest pages at the bottom of this message.


Primary Resources:

Aliens Love Underpants

Check out this link which has ideas for most of the NZ Curriculum essential learning areas based around this popular book including templates for underpants!

The New Zealand Art Activity Book: 100+ Ideas for Creative Kids: could be a great book to have lying around for ideas see some sample pages to view

Environmental art - check out this organisation Washed Ashore and the great artworks made from pollution for education - could be used as a starter for a unit coupled with Chris Jordan’s Wave - visual arts to create plastic garbage collages based on students’ investigation of the underlying scientific and social issues

Small Kids Big Ideas on Facebook - link to a great colour / maths resource based on Kadinsky


PD opportunities available:

RAPS - register here for your regional meeting - a great chance to catch up with other departments in the area...

Printmaking workshop 4 days in Whanganui  during the  April Holidays. http://www.printmaking-workshop.com/    please use the link on the web to enroll.


Association meetings:

Asata -first general meeting:When: 24th March Where: Onehunga High School Time: 4.30 – 6pm

CATA - this Wednesday at the Artbox 6.30pm


Job opportunities

Full time position in the Warkworth area - Mahurangi school contact: Nyree Norrington N.norringtonmahurangi.school.nz

Relief teacher Kristin School: 3 weeks beg T2 -  please contact Jeantine Pulsford <jpulsfordkristin.school.nz

Mt Albert Grammar relief teachers: art specialists needed to call on: please contact Catherine Horne the D.P. in charge of relief at M.A.G.S.

Kelston Girls' College - maternity leave position - starts mid-June contact eeshbailesgmail.com



Spectrum Art Exhibition is on with associated Word Up competition...

Arts Online - newsletter


Holiday workshops - in and around Canterbury anyone have any to suggest?


Summary of threads on the forum since the last summary:

Anime models and ideas...as James said “hahahah let the awesome art unleash!!”.

Junior achievement data and a growth mindset

Junior art media and techniques - Kristen voiced how thankful we are for those teachers at primary and intermediate level who aim to give students a great foundation for further art studies

www.canva.com - was heralded as a good alternative for those without design software in schools

Photoshop tutorials - thanks to all of the kind souls who shared their links and Pinterest videos in this thread

3.5 Photography and Design - sufficient resolved work ideas

Stencils - plastic sheet ideas and links

Art books - buying second-hand

Combined Art and DVC courses - pros and cons

Abstract painting folios - suggestions


Professional Readings:

Gender differences in drawing from pre-school to university…

Want kids to listen more, fidget less? Try more recess... this school did


Kia pai tō wiki,


Bridget Blair

Arts Online Community Facilitator - Visartsnet​


Post to: visartsnetlists.tki.org.nz


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