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Visarts summary to the 29th Feb

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By Bridget Blair

Kia ora koutou,

hopefully you have all had a better start to the week than I have - between mother nature and children, 8 hours sleep seems a decadent luxury…

It has been a most active couple of weeks on the forum surprise, surprise given the topics (which will not be named for fear of fanning the fire!).


New secondary resource on the TRE!!!

Nga mihi nui to Ben Mills who has generously shared his L3 Photography folio and supporting material on the resources exchange The Art of the Mundane if you missed his links in the forum.


Primary links linking literacy, media studies and the arts:

Project SMARTArt: A Case Study in Elementary School Media Literacy and Arts Education check out the wealth of lesson plans and photo/video album from this integrated learning project incorporating social sciences, media studies and the arts in a primary/junior secondary setting.

The Arts as a Bridge to literacy - article from the National Association of Elementary Principles website


Surrealism art lessons:

Marc Chagall Houses with flying animals - oil pastel on black construction card

Surrealist drawing game ‘exquisite corpse - great collaborative exercise


Advocacy links:

With the conversations about STEM to STEAM and the combining of subject classes (DVC and VisArts), year levels, fields and reduction of hours in some cases I would like to highlight a few resources that I think are particularly relevant at this time:

  • Mike Friend’s hints for advocating for your subject that he referred to in a recent thread

  • The Kennedy Centre - ArtsEducationAdvocacyToolkit - skim read for some useful strategies especially when communicating about your subject to students

  • If you need ‘ammunition’ for people who prefer ‘evidence-based’ opinions then this Americans for the Arts Facts and Figures booklet is well-designed to visually appeal with a few good soundbites such as ‘students who are involved in the Arts are 4 times more likely to participate in a maths and science fair’

  • your can find this ‘Art, it’s a whole brainer’ picture on the net easily and pin up in your rooms - or - even better the staffroom!

  • Information is beautiful - demonstrates how complex data can best be communicated visually..


PD Opportunities - in lieu of conference these may be good to attend as groups:

Southern  Regional Arts Partnership (RAPs) 7 workshops - flyer attached

"Classroom Communities; Engaging learners through effective planning in the Arts”

Participants will explore: Key Competencies in the Arts, Effective Evidence/Data collection and action, Formative Assessment, Student - centered Pedagogy.

Register online here: https://secure-www.otago.ac.nz/ess-enrolment/secondaryncea.html


There are no scheduled Best Practice workshops for 2016 - I would say request them, depts, associations or lose them

Instead teachers and regions are invited to request support with three types of assessment support available in 2016:

1 - Best Practice Workshops - The focus will be on assessing work from integrated standards

2 - Guest speaker - regions may request a specific topic and time duration

3 - Online workshop - focus on assessing evidence and modifying resources to better suit the needs of students

The link for registrations of interest is http://www.nzqa.govt.nz/about-us/events/assessor-support/  


Job vacancies:

Auckland Grammar Art Department:Maternity leave position available term 2 2016 to term 2 2017, closed on 26th - thanks for alerting us Lianne.


Auckland Art Gallery: secondary schools educator role (32 hours/week), could be a great sabbatical opportunity, a time to renew and stretch your teaching practice. A full-time, fixed term studio educator role is coming up at the same time.Check out via link https://careers.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/jobdetails?ajid=R5XRk


MOE survey:

Schools, kura and early childhood centres can feed back about their experiences when ordering Ministry of Education resources from the Ministry online resource catalogue  Down the Back of the Chair http://www.thechair.co.nz. The survey includes 10 questions and will take about 5-10 minutes to complete.

To take part in the survey go to  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Z28C8SXFEB2016

Summary of threads on the forum:

Cultivating independent learners was a great thread worth more discussion but seemed to get subsumed by the L3 discussion - keen if any others want to contribute ideas

Black and white folio board for Design - thinner but saves time.

Combined Art Design and DVC courses - although many of us have little choice over this and combined fields/year levels in some cases we need to be wary about how this happens without eroding Visual Arts place in the curriculum

Locks and keys as subject matter - any suggestions?.

And...of course there was the large participation in the Design marking prior to last summary and the  L3 discussion threads...again I urge you to consider how our subject aligns to other UE options and preserve our comparable standing in this field.


Have a great week…



Bridget Blair

Arts Online Community Facilitator - Visartsnet​


Post to: visartsnetlists.tki.org.nz


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