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In the Spotlight - Allanah King

This year in Enabling e-Learning we are going to be inviting members to be put In the Spotlight and share a bit more about themselves so that we can get to know them. You may be approached to share, or if you would like to volunteer yourself or suggest someone else then please contact Nathaniel or Tessa.

Thanks to Allanah who has agreed to be first In the Spotlight.


Name: Allanah King

School/organisation: CORE Education


Based in Nelson, Allanah is a Blended eLearning Facilitator, working for CORE Education and the Learning with Digital Technologies PLD team to provide Professional Learning Development for teachers throughout New Zealand. She is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Book Creator Ambassador, Google Certified Innovator and Education Trainer.


What is the most exciting/inspiring thing that you have been involved with in education that involves e-learning tools or pedagogies?
The most exciting things that have happened to me that involves eLearning tools are the opportunities and connections to people that I have made through them. It started when I started blogging with my class and professionally over ten years ago. Up until then I had never really left New Zealand.

By sharing my practice, over the last ten years, I have been invited to San Francisco with Adobe Education, Bali and Singapore with Apple Distinguished Educators and Australia with Google. Last year I was invited to the Cook Islands to support their roll-out of iPads with local schools.

None of these opportunities would have come my way if I had not been willing to share what I was doing and give new things a go.

Those opportunities may have been great but the people that I have met along the way have enriched my life and work immensely.

What are you most looking forward to in regards to 21st Century education this year?
I am looking forward to supporting schools throughout the South Island through my work as a Learning with Digital Technologies Facilitator working for CORE Education.

I love ‘my schools’ and the people that I meet when I work with them - the kids always make me laugh, their parents, the dedicated teachers and the inspired leadership.

What do you get up to in your relaxation time?
I like to learn new things around technology- my work is sort of my hobby.

I drink coffee, eat good food and enjoy the sunshine. There is nothing I enjoy more than Nelson’s clean, fresh air and stunning landscape.

This year I am enjoying a ‘photo a day’ 365 blogging project.

Favourite quote
‘If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you always got.’