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By Bridget Blair

Kia ora koutou, talofa lava,

I hope everyone had a great time over Waitangi weekend without too many thoughts about school crowding in as they do. I feel a bit of a numpty this evening as I believe the carefully prepared summary from last week was left unpublished!!  I have amalgamated it with the summary for this week, apologies for that…please scroll to the end for professional links like ‘Why is drawing important’.


Ben Mills has agreed to share his L3 folio resources with you all - I’ll let you know where to locate them soon…

It is going to be a cracker year if the help and advice people have been  sharing on the list continues.  


Clogged inbox from forums like this?? Filter them into folders as they come in (Gmail users check out the priority inbox configuration, outlook and other services can also ‘sort’ mail). It has been a lifesaver for me as all of my school mail goes to the inbox and association / Visarts updates to a ‘forums’ folder


There has been a lot of communication via the list this week mostly around a couple of important threads summarised individually below. To access Artsonline links login: artsonline, password: mailinglist .


Association meetings

Waikato Art Teachers  meeting 17th Feb.


Art Events:

SPECTRUM Street Art Exhibition at the YMCA, Christchurch. www.facebook.com/OiYouStreetArt,

Xavier Radić  is hosting Unicef Photography Workshops to raise funds for Syrian refugees

This week coming to Raumati, Nelson and Blenheim - check out the flyer in the thread for more info…$50 adults $35 children (7-11yrs old).

The Dunedin Midwinter Carnival is appealing for your support to find a venue to house giant lanterns, costumes and the Art Team.  www.midwintercarnival.co.nz      https://www.boosted.org.nz/projects/mid-winter-carnival-art-space


Primary / Junior Secondary Resources:

Marbled paper - Cover the PK strand of the Visual Art curriculum while looking at the cultural contexts (UC/CI strands) of Turkish (Ebru) and traditional Japanese (Sumigachi) marbling techniques all it takes is; ink, water, breath.

You could link this to science and technology by investigating why the paint floats on the water and how paper and printing technology has developed from these humble beginnings right up to modern water transfer prints onto auto parts. Marbling can be done on a giant scale. In the classroom miniature marbled papers can be made in small snack containers if space is at a premium.


A minimihi booklet posted last week - works well with a wide range of students of different ages when getting to know each other.


Summary of list posts:

How much timetabled teacher instruction time could or should a NCEA Level 3 student expect?  Tracey Duncan has an allowance of only 1 hour for an average student and many of you have supplied her with good information and ideas in this thread to question this timetabling decision in a multi-level art class. Looking at the approved UE subjects list I am proud of the efforts of those who established us as an essential learning area even before the curriculum came to pass. We need to be vigilant about school practices that do not recognise this. Check out the professional links below to USA policies and the effects arts cuts have on the poorest students...


Design marking at L3 NCEA many and varied opinions were shared about the recent results . An online ‘gallery’ on the VLN of a wider range of folios may help us as a community. Many people are keen to see the results of Ben’s efforts last year but it would be great for others to also share folio exemplars on the VLN.


  • Tania at Papamoa sent a great message containing lots of good links and ideas about good books and resources

  • The Pah Homestead Education Newsletter was circulated by Zoe along with a school booking form.

  • Katie at Papatoetoe needs film cameras - contact her if you can help KaMacleodpapatoetoehigh.school.nz

  • Point .5s for NCEA are great for innovative programme planning but Nikki raised a common concern by seeking clarification on how to ensure it is a valid assessment within the programme context.

  • Meeshall asked for some help to create an image bank of Taniwha and other Pacifica mythical monsters - thanks heaps to all those who offered great suggestions and links

  • The MoE has revised the Conditions of Assessment in all subjects and will also be placing information on the TKI NCEA pages.

  • Urban landscape resources - Glen asked for some ideas and some links and resources were provided in this thread.

  • Rachel Thompson asked for some senior starter ideas for a mixed level class - thanks to those of you who helped out with some great suggestions!


Professional readings / links

Why is drawing important - Architects, creative directors, biochemists turned sculptor talk about why it is important - The Big Draw

How drawing is used for maths and science  - really cool drawing book of a Mathematics Professor - The Big Draw

Arts is the Root - article and video by Lawstree Media

The testing obsession and the disappearing curriculum; “High-poverty schools across the nation have been forced to narrow the curriculum much more drastically than wealthier schools.... “It has been a disaster for social justice,” wrote E.D. Hirsch, a University of Virginia education professor who has championed the link between content knowledge and reading comprehension skills, in his book The Knowledge Deficit.”


Have a good week !



Bridget Blair

Arts Online Community Facilitator - Visartsnet​


Post to: visartsnetlists.tki.org.nz


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