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No Time to Meet F2F

Kia ora everyone

It would seem we are having a great deal of trouble meeting face to face in our busy, cellular teaching worlds so lets see whether a few challenges over the next few weeks will get you discussing and thinking ahead of the planning you will eventually get yourself into for 2016.

Here is my first request of you - 

Please share, via the reply below, one thing you have done, seen, read, participated in... this year that has inspired you to lengthen your stride.


  • Fiona Robertson

    I have started the mind lap training and what I have been Learing has made me reflect on my own practice as well as think ahead to what I can do next year. The course has reminded me of a few programs I had not used for some time. 

    Last week I had my class make stop motion movies. The enthusiasm, thinking and creativity that was happening was inspiring. This made me realise we need to be intergrating more activities like this into our class program.