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Dramanet Weekly Summary to 31st October

Dramanet Weekly Summary to 31st October

With most seniors around the country either already on study leave or heading off for it in the coming couple of days, it’s nice although our ‘to do’ lists are full to feel our contact timetables having just a little bit of breathing space. . .

As always thanks to everyone who keeps the posts coming in – we have had many ‘new regulars’ coming through and some first-timers too which is awesome! So, here’s what’s been happening on Dramanet recently:

Note Worthy:

This hasn’t actually been discussed over this past week at all but I wanted to take the opportunity to feature it in the summary in the hope it will pick up some thoughts and opinions throughout this coming week. NCEA examinations for 2015 are right around the corner – nothing you didn’t already know at all – however, I wanted to pose a few questions around ‘extra tutorials’ once examination/study ‘leave’ begins…

  • Do you offer these? Why? Do other subjects at your schools?
  • If you do, how many session do you run? When?
  • How do you run the tutorial session? How long for? Structure? Content?
  • Do you feel/think it makes a difference to final achievement outcomes by doing so, when/if you do?

Ready…and GO!

He Reo Āwhina, He Reo Tautoko: A voice of help and support…

  • K. C. Kelly shared a wonderful downloadable EnsembleImpact poster/image asking, “How many NZ playwrights can you name?” in the image, as they prepare for the 2016 schools tour.
  • Aleisha Mahony asked for tips and advice for teaching a composite Year 12/13 Drama class in 2016. Thanks to those who shared experiences and ideas on this one!
  • Amy Edwards asked for ideas for improvisation exercises and topics to prepare students for that component of the Scholarship Drama examination. Thanks to K. C. Kelly, Natarsha McHattan and Pippa Drakeford for your contributions!
  • Prudence Spencer asked what journals and magazines people subscribe to for their department collections/resources. A great topic idea which I’ve not seen any suggestions come through for yet? Let’s aim to address this one, this week!
  • Tabitha Kaiser asked for clarification around terminology and text selection when focussing on Brecht’s work and ideas for the level two theatre form external assessment.
  • Sandra McLean also asked us to “please clarify” what ‘a feature of the script to explore the playwright’s intention’ could involve when looking at Elizabethan theatre for the level three theatre form external assessment. This has returned some very good responses and possibilities worth reading.
  • Emily McRae asked if anyone had seen the fringe production, Hiraeth, in September for help to frame its style/form and purpose for the level three live performance external.
  • Emma Bishop asked for advice around using Google Drive to complete external moderation online with the discussion posed around video file sizes and capacity issues when using personal google accounts vs. schools’ unlimited accounts and what other platforms exist out there. Can I throw my own ten cents into the mix on this one by highly recommending that if your school is not a GAFE: “Google Apps for Education” official school (with school-wide Google accounts), to ask if your drama department can become one.  Speaking from personal experience, the process for submitting external moderation online using GoogleDrive is very straight forward – my submission took just one morning’s double non-contact to prepare and submit this year and the report was back to my PN within the same week!
  • Shannon Brown asked the question that has been on many lips and Dramanet posts this year regarding the specification in the Scholarship Drama examination for students to demonstrate an awareness of New Zealand theatre practice in one of their oral statements during the examination.
  • Emily McRae asked for help with sketches/diagrams and had some questions about what other teachers covered specifically for “performance space” when teaching Victorian Melodrama for level one theatre form.

Events, EOTC & Live Performance Opportunities:

  • Yana from Tim Bray Productions advertised their upcoming children’s production, “The Santa Claus Show ‘15” playing in December. Details here.
  • Marama Tracey Lloydd revealed yet more of the stunning programme lined up for the 2016 Auckland Arts Festival. Booking and show details, here.
  • K. C. Kelly also reminded us to join several schools in booking for the POWER PLAYS tour happening in 2016.
  • Indian Ink’s new work The Elephant Thief is almost only a month away. Bhavisha Patel posted booking details, here.
  • Pippa Drakeford shared the Capital E National Theatre for Children’s 2016 show programme. Details here.

Professional Development Opportunities and Workshops:

  • Emma Bishop shared the details of the workshops available to Drama New Zealand members at a special discounted price, to attend the “Performance of Hope” pre-symposium keynote and workshop at the University of Auckland, 9th November.
  • I posted a reminder that NZQA are holding a “making judgements” BPW for the Performing Arts Technology standards (all areas except sound will be covered), which is coming up on Tuesday 20th November in Auckland. It’s great to see a big group of people have taken advantage of the opportunity to have the PAT standards unpacked from an assessment point of view! There are a few spots left on this one-day workshop - see here for details and to register.
  • Belinda Meares shared details for an INTERPLAY workshop coming to TAPAC in Auckland on November 22nd.

Employment Opportunities:

  • Avondale College in Auckland are advertising for a Head of Drama which was shared on the list. Details here.

In the Spotlight: “A Primary Focus”

Marama Tracey Lloydd from the Auckland Arts Festival has been sharing the AAF programmes with us on Dramanet recently. It’s been great to see such a wide range of fantastic opportunities target younger students in this coming festival. I would urge all our primary subscribers in Auckland to look at booking a trip for your classes or syndicates (or even the entire school!!). She writes: 

“There is a lot of talk about the arts and the value it has for students (and educators!) The Auckland Arts Festival has a diverse and passionate education programme and we look for works each year of sufficient quality to inspire young students. I have sent information out in hard and soft copy to schools last week but here are three links which will take you straight to each show in the For Schools section of our website where you will find all show details. One show plays at both Q Theatre and at the Pumphouse in Takapuna - so separate links are provided. Plan and book now for March 2016 and please dialogue with me anytime.”


·         http://www.aucklandfestival.co.nz/…/duck-death-and-the-tul…/

·         http://www.aucklandfestival.co.nz/…/duck-death-and-the-tul…/

·         http://www.aucklandfestival.co.nz/…/…/ruaumoko-at-the-civic/


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Kia pai to mutunga wiki!

Ryan Benjamin

Arts Online Community Facilitator - Dramanet

Dramanet Weekly Summary

Dramanet Weekly Summary

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