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Visartsnet summary to 6th Sept

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By Bridget Blair

Visartsnet summary to 6th Sept

Kia ora koutou,

Apologies for the tardy summary and slight delays with some posts. I have finally succumbed to one of the various viruses that has been circulating our school and department over the past few weeks and it has knocked me flat. I can see why some of my students have been off school for a week at a time. The promise of summer is just around the corner though....


Summary of posts from last week - some are ongoing...

  • Lisa wants to know about cross-curricular projects/ideas that are going on out

  • the latest Arts Online Newsletter was posted this week

  • Pixar has made RenderMan -software available for non-commercial use

  • Heidi asked for ideas about artists painting fabric, dresses, figures related to Indian dances and henna

  • Esther from the Suter asked for plans/ideas for a kiln shed

  • Tauranga Girls’ College Film Festival  this Thursday, 10th September

  • Art 21 Documentaries - Alice’s in CHCH has series 1-6 otherwise you can buy.

  • Colour blindness can affect students progress in art- strategies to work around this were discussed

  • A new round of regional Colab workshops are coming - hopefully by the time you read this the flyer on the Pinterest page is updated - if not it will be shortly.



Does anyone remember the spinning paint booths at the AMP shows jammed in between the cows and the cotton candy?

Although not the real thing, this Tate kids spin game will give your students a bit of a taste! Good for experimenting with colour theory/relationships in quick fun experiments.

Starters for reading and writing about artworks in the ‘Tate Tales’ activity allow your students to enter their own writing on the gallery blog.



Creatives as leaders - This short article by David Burkus ends with “Perhaps if we’re more intentional about promoting creative leaders in the short-term, we can eliminate the bias against them in the long-term.”

This second article ‘Why do we keep creative people out of leadership roles?’ will hopefully spur some of your on to ‘challenge the norms’.

As a counterpoint to this David Kelly believes that building creative confidence universally is beneficial and increases the appreciation for creative thinking (he did a TED talk about this too).


Mā te wā


Bridget Blair

Arts Online Community Facilitator - Visartsnet​


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