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Dramanet Weekly Summary: 17th June to 24th July

Dramanet Weekly Summary: 17th June to 24th July

Morena whanau!

Dramanet has been very active this first week back at the chalk face. Thanks to everyone – and we had a great variety this week – who posted or asked a question. It’s awesome to see how willing people are to share their thoughts when the provocation is ‘just right.’ This summary will also go live on the Dramanet VLN group for those who want to read the summary as an overview of activity but might struggle with logging into the archive. It awesome to see more of you exploring VLN and joining the Dramanet page too.


Right let’s kick this summary off…

Note Worthy:

  • Discussion’s continued – and there’s still room for more viewpoints and sharing on this – around Secondary Arts Coordinators in schools.
  • Laurence Wiseman from St Andrew’s College in Christchurch raise the always thought provoking thread around the number of credits/assessments people complete within a course of learning. This has had a number of worthy and thorough responses, exemplifying some strong best-practice which I’d encourage you all to read.

He Reo Āwhina, He Reo Tautoko: A voice of help and support…

Events, EOTC & Live Performance Opportunities:

  • Ensemble Impact are back in 2016 with an exciting programme for you to book.
  • Keeping the Caryl Churchill appearances going this week, Peter Rees announced that UNITEC performing and screen arts students present Serious Money with schools matinees available on 22 and 24 September.
  • Hawkins Theatre Papakura reminded subscribers about the SPEAKING OF! event happening this Friday 24th July at 8pm.
  • Lucinda Peterken advertised Waiheke Theatre Co’s production on The Raft which some teachers might like to get across to see which opened yesterday.
  • Karla Haronga advertised the EVENTO event happening at Fielding High School.

Professional Viewing / Reading:

Professional Development Opportunities and Workshops:

  • Drama New Zealand Massey Branch are holding a Scholarship Drama Workshop. Sandra Mohekey has a teacher who would like to car pool to this event.
  • Emma Bishop reminded everyone that the Digify your Drama workshop coming up on 12th August in Auckland is not just for secondary teachers there will be lots of BYOD knowledge-sharing and ideas on the integration of apps and digital technologies into primary classrooms along the way too. Get registered!
  • There is a Drama New Zealand Wellington branch meeting coming up on Friday 31st July.
  • Lisa Brickell has offered to run a Northland Commedia dell’Arte workshop up at Tauraroa Area School for interested parties.

In the Spotlight: “A Primary Focus”

  • Tracey-Lynne Cody shared an awesome resource for primary teachers over on the Drama New Zealand Primary Edition Facebook group: “50 Icebreakers and Games for Kids” – a great range of options to bring drama activity into your general primary classroom!

Finally, I know of at least five friends or colleagues who are knee-deep in school production mode over this week and next. All the best if you are in the same boat – remember it will all be fine on opening night and don’t forget to enjoy it after what will have been months of work that you have put in. It’s true that no one else on staff (bar some/few) really understands what that is like. Kia kaha!

Remember that when you click on any of the hyperlinks in this summary, you’ll be asked to log in to access the archive on the Arts Online website. Simply, type the username “artsonline” and the password “mailinglist” to do this.


Kia pai tō mutunga wiki tātou!

Ryan Benjamin

Arts Online Community Facilitator - Dramanet

Dramanet Weekly Summary

Dramanet Weekly Summary

A weekly summary of activity on Dramanet