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iPad Keyboards – Sype, Keedogo and Fleksy

By Coll O'Connor

A few of new keyboards have hit the app store recently and we have had a play with them.

To load a new keyboard download the app and then go to settings, keyboard, keyboards, add a new keyboard, third party keyboard.

Tap on the name – most will ask for full access. If you don’t allow full access you will only be able to use the selected keyboard and you won’t be able to switch between keyboards.

To change between loaded keyboards tap the keyboard icon (e.g. globe for iPad default)

Swype Version 1.1 ($1.29)

imageThis keyboard allows you to enter a word by sliding between letters instead of tapping on each key. You only lift your finger or stylus between words. A coloured line highlights the path of your finger or stylus.

The swipe action is quite intuitive and does not require a high degree of accuracy to type the right word. Apple's default word prediction works with this keyboard but you cannot access the default speech recognition directly from the Swype keyboard.

You cannot access speech recognition from the Swype keyboard.


Keedogo for beginners ($2.59)


http://www.assistiveware.com/sites/default/files/styles/thumbnail/public/products/keedogo_1024.png?itok=35-SsxFJKeedogo is a colourful keyboard for children and young students who have just started to read, write and type. It has easy letter recognition because it has a handwriting type font on the keyboard.

The keys are larger than a default iPad onscreen keyboard and there are alphabetical and QWERTY options. Vowels can be highlighted in a different colour but vowel colouring can also be turned off.

Keedogo Plus ($3.79)

The plus version offers all the options above plus word prediction and an optional grey keyboard that is more suitable for older users.



Like the default iPad keyboard this option offers you prediction wherever you are typing BUT it offers more than the default keyboard because the prediction learns new words and can be configured:

  • Number of words predicted 1-8

  • Large or smaller display of predicted words

  • word-completion, next-word prediction or multi-word prediction

  • alphabetical or most likely

Unfortunately the prediction does not recognize flexible spelling so as soon as you type any unusual letter combination it stops predicting. In our CAT text it only predicted 10/30 words correctly.

Fleksy  version 4+

imageIn our tests the Fleksy keyboard performed poorly. The advertising says the app is “officially the fastest keyboard in the world” and the speed is based on its prediction and swipe gestures.  


We found the prediction slow (arriving after we had finished typing the word) and found it difficult to remember and use all of the new gestures.


Note: this blog replaces an earlier version that was deleted due to my change in profile/workplace.



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