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Talking books in Microsoft PowerPoint

By creating your own talking books you can create relevant personalised content in any language. This is huge because engagement is so important for learning. As kiwis we want to see our own stories with NZ content, kiwi accents, te reo and cultural relevance.

The video below shows a lovely example of a boy creating a talking book about Maui fighting dragons in Opotiki (using the online Storybird website).

Image linked to video on enabling e-learning about using story bird for writing



I have reviewed dozens of apps and software products for making talking books but still rate Microsoft’s PowerPoint photo album technique as one of the best.There are many online, software and app options for creating talking books but one of the big advantages of PowerPoint is that most schools and students already have access to it as part of the Microsoft office suite.

The photo album option is the fastest way I know to make a simple talking book (my record is about 2½ minutes for 10 page talking book made from scratch). For the more adventurous user, PowerPoint offers lots of additional options such as custom animations, transitions, music, video, and much more.


For students with a physical disability PowerPoint books are switch accessible and can be ‘saved as a presentation’ for sharing or publishing.

Insert photo album technique

The photo album option is only available in Windows versions – the MAC version does not have the photo album option.




Step by step summaryAlso see this youtube clip: Make a Photo Album With PowerPoint 2010

  1. Insert→ new photo album

  2. Click file/disk and select required photos→ insert

  3. Use the options below the pictures to change the order if required, delete, rotate etc

  4. Click on picture layout and select ‘1 picture with title’ to get a text box on each page

  5. Click create

  6. Add backgrounds using the design tab

  7. Add text to each slide

  8. Record voice using slide show→ record narration

  9. To change the album after you have made it  go back to → insert→ photo album→ click on the words to get the edit option
Note: this blog replaces an earlier version that was deleted due to my change in profile/workplace.
Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

Using technology to support students with disabilities and special learning needs.