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A screenshot, screen capture, screen dump or screen grab is a picture taken of all or part of, whatever is displayed on your computer or tablet screen at one moment in time.


Screenshots are a great way of capturing student’s work, web pages and images. I use them every day in my work to build multimedia resources and I would be lost without them.


Screenshots can be used to:

  • support comprehension

  • motivate and engage learners

  • inspire and support writers

  • capture student work - e.g. artwork or activities completed on a tablet

  • support organisation and daily scheduling

  • create instructions and guides for working on computers and web pages

  • ...and more


This is a screen shot from a very good website: http://www.take-a-screenshot.org/


Copyright: Please keep in mind that when it comes to images it is best to assume that it’s subject to copyright and can’t be reused without appropriate permissions. To find images you can use try filtering your search using  Google advanced image search options to find images that are labeled for reuse.

Alternately find some great options suggested in this CORE blog: A guide to free photo resources on the Web for educators.

Screenshot tools


Snipping tool

The snipping tool allows you to capture the whole screen, a window, a part of the screen of using free form for any shape.

  • Start→ all programs→accessories→ snipping tool OR use the search function to find it). To pin to taskbar for everyday use right click or long tap to bring up dialogue box

Print screen key on your keyboard

You can use the physical keyboard to take a screenshot of the whole screen.  Look for the key on the top right of the computer keyboard→ if the key is blue hold down function key and press OR if it is white just press it.


Nothing happens on-screen but the image is taken and you need to paste it somewhere (e.g. into your document, presentation etc) using right click “paste” or use the shortcut “control+v”.



  • Command +Shift +3 (whole screen)

  • Command + Shift +4 (part of screen - click and drag the part you want)

When you have finished the screenshot will be on you desktop in .png format. You can then drag the file directly into your work or open it and save to a different name and format (e.g. .jpeg)

Grab utility

Grab can be found in the Utilities folder under applications.


Hold down the home key and press the on/off key quickly.

You should hear the camera click and see the screen flash. This takes a bit of practice and don’t be surprised if you end up turning the tablet off or turning on siri the first few times.

The screenshot is automatically saved in your photo’s app.Pictures iPad.jpg


Press the power button and volume down key at the same time

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

Using technology to support students with disabilities and special learning needs.