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  • New Scratch Design Studio Project: Block Dance Party!

New Scratch Design Studio Project: Block Dance Party!

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By James Robson

The Scratch Design Studio (commonly abbreviated SDS) is a themed studio that is changed approximately every month.

These themes can range from holiday celebrations to underwater scenes, sports, and much more. The current theme is Block Dance Party!.

About Block Dance Party!

Swirl, spin, and DANCE into this new Scratch Design Studio!

Dream up a dance project that ONLY uses these 12 blocks. No other blocks may be used.

1. When Green Flag clicked
2. repeat ()
3. switch backdrop to []
4. wait () secs
5. move () steps
6. clear
7. glide () secs to x: () y: ()
8. play sound [] until done
9. change [effect] by ()
10. switch costume to []
11. turn () degrees
12. stamp

You can use each block once, as many times as you would like, or not at all. You do not have to use every single block above.

We're looking forward to seeing your sweet dance moves! Break it down!

Struggling with your project/contribution? Try remixing, or checking out this template:https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/65101190/ 

Don't know how to make a link? Go to this awesome tutorial to see how:http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/47097052/ 

SDS (Scratch Design Studio) is a themed studio where any Scratcher can submit a project that matches the current theme so long as it meets the requirements shown above.

As always, thanks to the SDS curators for making SDS possible! Check out the curators tab to see the current SDS curators.

To have your project added to this studio, please post a comment with a link. You can find a link to your project by clicking the 'Embed' button on project page. The link will be directly below the Facebook logo.

Please submit a single project made no earlier than one month before the start of this Design studio. However, you can update your project, and it'll be eligible again. If you have an older project that would fit, add some new features and feel free to submit the updated version!

All projects must meet the community guidelines and be appropriate for all ages!

It may take some time for your projects to be added. Please be patient, we add projects oldest to newest; no need to double post!