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Enabling e-Learning | What's on in Term 2 2015?

Term 2 Enabling e-Learning Calendar of Events 


Ipad webinar inviteTēnā koutou, talofa lava and welcome to another term full of FREE online e-learning opportunities on offer. We've tried to target some hot topics for you this round, so don't miss out! 

We'd also also love to hear your ideas and experiences, so feel free to get involved in our dedicated forum discussions and live workshops. You may wish to book the following events from the Enabling e-Learning calendar into your own calendars.

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Smile DISCUSSION FORUM: Resourcing the how and why of e-Learning | NAPP kōrero 6 2015 (April 22)


Come join us now in the live discussion as we unpack what school leaders need to do, to lead resourcing widely and wisely to help grow e-learning capacities. We ask, Why do New Zealand Schools need to resource “widely and wisely in growing e-learning capacities and How do principals lead “resourcing widely and wisely in growing e-learning capacities? This forum is currently live in the Enabling e-Learning | Leadership group.

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Smile DISCUSSION FORUM: Digital Citizenship | Keeping our community digitally savvy at school and at home (May 7 - April 7) 

As we move towards resourcing schools with more e-tools, the access to web-based resources also increases. Providing safe and appropriate digital learning opportunities becomes an integral part of planning and implementing 'learning with digital technologies'. We ask, What policies, systems, strategies and resources are schools using to ensure students are safe on the Internet at school and at home?

And what about the parents? What is the role of the school when it comes to parents and Digital Citizenship? We'd love to hear how your school is addressing these important issues. This conversation will be hosted in the Digital Citizenship group.

Smile DISCUSSION FORUM: How do schools reading themselves for Modern Learning Pedagogies? (June 3 - July 3) 


Conversations about planning, resourcing, trialing and implementing Modern Learning Environments are hot topics trending across the VLN and the wider web. Which leads us to ask, What do leaders and teachers need to do to establish common understandings and expectations around Modern Learning Pedagogy? This conversation will be hosted in the Enabling e-Learning Professional Learning group.

Your input and ideas are valued and welcome in all of these forum discussions. This is your community, so please feel free to add your ideas, experience, expertise or wonderings. 




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Smile LIVE WEBINAR: BYOD at Wairakei (April 30, 3.45 -4.45pm) 


Audience: Primary and secondary school leaders or e-learning leaders with an interest in introducing BYOD into the classroom or wider organisation.

Bring your own device (BYOD) refers to technology models where students and staff bring a personally-owned device to school for the purpose of learning. Come join Kate Friedwald from Wairakei as she talks to us about all the wonders, whys and wherefores of trialing BYOD at Wairakei School. Kate will also be joined by a representative of the Connected Learning Advisory (Te Ara Whītiki)Please feel free to bring your own BYOD stories to share during this webinar. For more about the BYOD trial at Wairakei, visit http://www.elearning.tki.org.nz/Technologies/Mobile-technologies/BYOD-trial/Wairakei-School-BYOD-pilot-Next-steps

This webinar will be supported with thread in the Enabling e-Learning Technologies groupHosted in Adobe Connect with Tessa GrayREGISTER NOW!

Smile LIVE WEBINAR: Universal Design for Learning - applying the framework to create an inclusive classroom (June 4, 3.45-4.45pm) 


Audience: Primary and secondary teachers interested in ways to reach and teach all students.

Teachers really want every student to succeed. But for some students it is sometimes hard to know where to start. That’s where Universal Design for Learning (UDL), coupled with technology, can be so powerful. In this webinar Lynne Silcock (CORE Education) and Linda Ojala (CORE Education & Silverstream School) will explain what Universal Design for Learning is and why it's important in your classroom. They will share their experiences on how they have applied the UDL framework to create an inclusive classroom environment. A support discussion will feature In the Enabling e-Learning | Teaching group. Hosted in Adobe Connect with Nathaniel Louwrens. REGISTER NOW!

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Smile LIVE WEBINAR: Resourcing e-Learning (June 10, 3.45-4.45pm)


Audience:  Primary and secondary school leaders, e-learning leaders, aspiring principals interested in effective resourcing of e-learning.

If, “best practice e-learning enables accessible, relevant, and high-quality learning opportunities that improve student engagement and achievement” (Enabling e-Learning), how might resourcing decisions define processes required to ensure e-learning capacities get the best chance to grow – e.g: establishing priorities across all school resourcing, confirming a process for teacher capacities to grow, confirming processes for inclusion of student voice and community voice and involvement? Join us as we discuss the implications of effective e-learning with NAPP participants and invited guests (eLPF, CLA). A support discussion is now live in the Enabling e-Learning | Leadership group. Hosted in Adobe Connect with Tessa GrayREGISTER NOW!


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