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ANZAC Weekly Update

Hi everyone and welcome back to Term 2,


No doubt ANZAC will be a big focus for many of you this week. You will find resources on the New Zealand Curriculum website ANZAC Day- Lest we forget . There have been some really good School Journal stories on this topic which are listed. There have also been many great children’s books printed over the past 10 years. I often used these when sharing about ANZAC with our ESOL students. Some of the titles I used included: The Bantam and the Soldier by Jennifer Beck and Robyn Belton; ANZAC day the New Zealand Story by Philippa Werry; Jim’s Letters by Glynn Harper and Caesar the ANZAC Dog by Patricia Stroud. You will find other title either on Pinterest, The Book Chook blog, Top 20 Picture Books for Anzac day from the Children’s Books daily Blog; Children's Books For Anzac Day 2015 by Catherine Van Bergen on A Comfy Chair blog; Wheelers,

You may also find some useful links in this ANZAC Day Websites list.

Some ANZAC ESOL Resources I've found online include:

As teachers we always love hearing your good ideas. So please share what you have been doing to celebrate ANZAC day at your school, either in the general classroom or ESOL specific.  Just send it to primaryesol@lists.tki.org.nz and write ANZAC Ides in the subject line.

Our Community

We had a few posts over the holidays that are worth catching up on which I have shared again here.

  • Using ELLP to support funding applications, Module 6 in the Using the English Language Learning Progressions: professional support for leaders and teachers series is new online. Hopefully you all found a little time to check it out over the holidays.  How will you use this module to support staff in your school? We would love your thoughts and feedback.
  • International Students and how to report their progress my reply to a question from Julie.
  • The Extensive Reading Foundation has announced the finalists for the 2015 Language Learner Literature Award. The two books nominated in the very young learners’ category are Granny Fixit and the Monkey, and The Leopard and the Monkey. In the Young learners category three books have been nominated: Backstage Pass; A land of New Hope and Life in the Desert/The Stubborn Ship   these awards provide a good indication of books worth buying as class sets for your ESOL library.  You will further information in the link.
  • The AKTESOL AGM is on Tuesday 21st April (tomorrow) at Kohia Teachers Centre. 6pm drinks and nibbles, 6.40 AGM, 7pm guest speaker Ineke Crezee Expectations of bilingual migrants in a largely monolingual society.
  • MANATESOL's Mini Symposium on 6th June in Palmerston North.
  • Nelson and Marlborough teachers are invited to the restart of your local TESOLANZ branch- NATESOL. 2 May with Nicky Riddiford presenting.
  • Hayley Larsen alerted us to the LED conference in November . Early bird registration closes at 30 April.

Secondary ESOL

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Have a great week.