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5 Day Challenge | Day 3: Add to e-Learning goals discussion

Enabling e-Learning are here to support you with your e-learning journey. As a part of this we run webinars and discussion forums to support common e-learning themes.

Your challenge for today is to add your e-learning plans, goals or inquiry focus to this e-Learning Plans/Goals for 2015 discussion. You might find that there are others with similar goals as you and we can use the power of the community to help support your journey. What you share in this thread may also help with the Enabling e-Learning planning.

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  • Tracy Olorenshaw

    Currently between International schools - and taken up another university paper - and I said I wouldn't do Univ work again!  As the thesis just about killed me, completed while living in a country with on and off power and days/weeks of internet offline, etc......but here I am - so never say never !  Have just read Surfing the (new) literacy waves - Ewan McIntosh - Literacy Forum, NZ Vol 30, No. 1 2015 - NZ Literacy Assoc.  And thought it a great read and challenging in places, and wouldn't it be fantastic of schooling was like this for all? I love the 'encourage different perspectives' - again something we say for kids but what about for staff within a school and with parents? Also useful is Ron Berger's work on feedback and being an easy mantra for students and teachers - 1. kind, 2. specific, 3. useful - - I feel 2 and 3 is done well, what about 1?  Again in relation to working with other teachers and staff?

    Probably slightly off track from the challenge of the day - but being between schools - this article gave me something to really think on and think about what I would be taking with me onto my next International school experience!

  • Malcolm Law

    One of the things I want to achieve this year is to develop some on line resources to support our oral language programme. Video Note offers a way to record students so what we want is actual examples of oral language features.  Up until now, what we have had on line, has been written examples of spoken language. "See how Churchill uses repetition.. Notice how Martin Luther King repeats 'I have a dream.' ".... How much better if the student  can hear the speaker actually say the words.

    All these speeches are on YouTube but they have the entire speech which stretches the patience of our priority learners. I need some way to create sound bites which we can then link to in the web page.

  • Jo Maguire

    My inquiry is  investigating visual memory and I have noticed that many NE chdren are having trouble remembering . I am planning to use apps/ programmes in my classroom each day to see if the explicit teaching of how to remember will make a real difference in literacy particularly but of course also numeracy. I would love anyone with any research or hunches about this to contact me!

  • BecPower

    So many goals but one that is proving to be challenging and exciting is setting up a new Hub or central place for staff to access school wide resources & all teacher inquiries, as well as our 'appraisal' or growing professional practice documents. Using Google sites. 

  • Steph Kitto

    I am currently undertaking a CORE eFellowship looking at ways to nurture curiosity, questioning, and thinking skills in the junior classroom. I am investigating ways that technology can be used to support this.

    I'd love to connect with anyone who is interested in sharing or discussing  this further.