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Increase visuals to support all learners in secondary - dyslexia advocacy tip 3

Timer apps

In many learning areas, talking and text have been the primary resources to support student learning. 

For many students, especially those with dyslexia, presenting information only orally or in text can create unnecessary barriers to learning :-( 

Things you can do to remove barriers to learning. 

  1. Use more charts, visual calendars, colour-coded schedules, visible timers and cues to increase the predictability of regular activities and transitions.
  2. Encourage students to use mobile devices to schedule alerts and reminders for regular and novel events and task deadlines
  3. Model the use of mind maps, 3-D manipulatives, outlines, flow charts and real objects to high-light critical features, big ideas and relationships  
  4. Offer students graphic organisers and flow charts to support planning and thinking in ALL curriculum areas. Encourage students to develop their own.
  5. Kanban boardModel the use of visual task management tools like to break up tasks and lengthy assignments into small manageable parts.

Useful links:

Check out the secondary section on Dyslexia and learning for more ideas underpinned by UDL.

Tell us what you use :-)