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e-Learning Round-Up | 12 March 2015

Tēnā koutou, talofa lava, malo e lelei and welcome to the latest e-Learning pānui from across the VLN.

Connected Learning Advisory is a new Ministry initiative providing schools and kura with free advice on integrating technology with modern learning practice. Find out more on Enabling e-Learning:

smiley WEBINAR: Introducing the Connected Learning Advisory, March 18th, 3.45 - 4.45pm

Join Karen Melhuish Spencer, Anaru White and Warren Hall from the advisory team in this webinar to find out how the Connected Learning Advisory can support you. Howard Baldwin from the Ministry of Education will also be available  to answer questions. REGISTER NOW

We're still interested to hear how Enabling e-Learning can meet your e-learning needs online in 2015, so please take 2-5 short minutes to complete this quick survey and let us know what you'd like to see more of.

Keep an eye out for more up-coming events in our calendar and all previously hosted live events can be accessed via Webinar recordings.

Looking forward to seeing you online - hei konā mai,

Tess :-) (on behalf of the Enabling e-Learning online team).


Badge for e-Member of the Week

Each fortnight, we like to say thank you by nominating a community member for active participation in the Enabling e-Learning / VLN Groups.

This week we’d like to acknowledge MrsB30 (Sarah Burnett) for her recently contributions to several e-learning related threads. Sarah's profile reads, "Currently a Year 3/4 teacher and team leader. I've just this year taken on the role of ICT co-ordinator and co-leading the digital citizenship strategy team. I love all things e-learning and am passionate about finding new and exciting ways to teach." Having e-leaders like Sarah contributing to conversations, helps to grow our professional learning network online.


image e-Learning Planning Framework  



cool WEBINAR: The e-Learning Planning Framework revisited: March 25th, 3.45 - 4.45pm

This is a repeat webinar for anyone who missed the opportunity to learn more about the e-Learning Planning Framework last year. Come and join Greg Carroll in this practical webinar as he takes us through using the e-Learning Planning Framework and how to analyse the data you gather using the tool. Audience: Primary and secondary school leaders or e-learning leaders with an interest in using the e-Learning Planning Framework online tool. A support discussion will feature In the Enabling e-Learning | Leadership group. Hosted in Adobe Connect with Nathaniel Louwrens. REGISTER NOW!

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Check out the e-Learning Planning Framework on the Enabling e-Learning website. 

Teaching logo Learning and Teaching  |  Digital Citizenship


FORUM: e-Learning plans/goals for 2015 (February 26 - March 26) | An Enabling e-Learning event: It’s not too late to share your e-learning goals for 2015. Is it a goal for yourself or your students? Why not share your plans/goals and find someone else to connect with, relate to or support?

New Year e-Learning Challenge: Anneke Smit shares how she wants to use Google Docs more effectively, along with learning about and integrating Google communities into her classroom. Anneke also provides an explanation for the purpose and potential for these tools. Do you have an e-learning goals/challenge to 

Special 24 hour discussion: Safer Internet Day | An Enabling e-Learning event: Nathaniel Louwrens shares a report NetSafe has released on, Digital challenge and New Zealanders: A focus on reports made to NetSafe in 2014. There are some interesting data and statistics about Internet use and issues associated with that.

Class blog: Trish Vesey shares how she uses Kidblog, which she finds is a more student friendly tool. What do your students use to create blogs and why?

Reporting to parents in the secondary school: Martin Butts has started a rigorous discussion around authentic, accessible and less formal forms of reporting to parents in a secondary context. How does your reporting reflect 21st Century pedagogies?

Collecting student voice:  Lisa is looking for some good questions /questionnaires that others have used to collect student voice in their MLE's. She’s also wanting Student Leaders (Year 7-8) to be able to be involved in this collection. Can you help Lisa?

Managing device use in a BYOD classroom: Rebecca has a 4/5 class where the children all have access to a device. Sometimes when they work independently, they’re off-task. Rebecca is looking for any ideas on how to manage 28 children's devices to ensure they are on task. Any ideas of your own to share?

'If You Learned Here' Global Collaborative Project: Allanah King shares about a global collaborative project called, 'If You Learned Here' for preschool students through to Intermediate age. Each school gets to generate pages for a global eBook that will inspire readers all around the world! Interested?

Issues around getting student inquiry embedded in school: Nadia Lowden shares how her school is implementing Inquiry learning into their classrooms. Nadia is very interested to hear how other school's are going about this. How is your Inquiry journey progressing?


Using digital technologies with Māori and Pasifika learners, and students with special educational needs 


Māori and Pasifika learners and communities: Anthony Faitaua is looking for examples or stories about how our Māori and Pasifika youths are giving back and sharing their set of digital literacies with their communities? Got any good news stories of your own to share?

Understanding culture to support Pasifika students: Togi Lemanu shares a video clip that captures some good strategies when connecting with Pasifika learners. Togi invites you to share your thoughts around this. What do you think?

Understanding culture to support Pasifika students 

imageCheck out e-Learning and Teaching >>> the Enabling e-Learning website.


Professional Learning yellow logo Professional Learning 


Google Docs for Teacher Appraisal/Registered Teacher Criteria – Inquiry: This rich discussion sees community members sharing current thinking and practice around teacher appraisal, professional practice, reflection and Teacher Registered Criteria through the use of e-tools like Google docs. What’s happening at your school?


TKI logoCheck out more e-Learning & Professional Learning >>> Enabling e-Learning website. 


red spiral logo Leadership & strategic direction  


Relationships, Connections - Our kids need CHAMPIONS! Lisa Banks shares her enjoyment from watching the clip in this thread and affirms the value of establishing solid relationships with students. 

TKI logoCheck out Leadership and e-Learning >>> the Enabling e-Learning website.


 Green swirly logo Technologies & Infrastructure  

Students as Tech Support: MrsB30 adds some practical ideas to a thread that discusses ways to mentor students as e-leaders.

Minecraft Edu costs: joleneb is looking at setting things up for Minecraft within her school and is wondering what is currently available to schools. Do you have some knowledge around Minecraft to share with Jolene?

Class Blog: Greg McMillan-Perry talks about the process of graduating older students onto owning individual blogs to archive their entire journey educational journey through to the senior years. What does blogging/e-portfolios look like in your senior school?

Document Camera or iPad Document Camera! Just like the title says, do you have any advice for pros and cons on each?

Coding for Intermediate students: Community members are asking for help about how to start out, others are grateful for the ideas and some are looking for specific examples of coding with students. Can you help?

More conversations around Google docs, apps and Chromebooks include:



So where are schools at with Volume Purchasing? JohannaBrown has just gone to VPP this year and wants to know how to purchase apps without using the school credit card details. Does anyone know how or where to purchase VPP credit?

iPad Apps that predict what you are typing! Allanah King shares a couple of new keyboards that have predictive text. Do you have any experience with useful tools for predicting text and in what context do you use them?



BYOD ensuring students bring their devices: Brendon Anderson shares how they have 1:1 with a mixture of class devices and BYOD, but for a number of reasons, some students do not consistently bring their device. Brendon is interesting in hearing how other schools handle this issue?



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  • Enabling e-Learning webinars: Find the recorded sessions here from 2011 to current. These include using digital resources, digital learning spaces, BYOD, iPads in junior classes, registered teacher criteria, appraisal and e-learning, getting to know our learners, MLEs, gaming and many more!

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