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Welcome to Enabling e-Learning 2015

Kia ora tatou and welcome back to Enabling e-Learning 2015.

It was a busy year last year and we'd like to continue to invite community members to get involved in the many e-learning related conversations across the network this year as well. 

Look out for the up-coming events (conversations and webinars) in the Enabling e-Learning group calendar for Term 1. This will be released over the next few days.

If you have friends or colleagues who don't know about Enabling e-Learning, then please feel free to invite them join this main group, as well as the sub-groups for more community-driven conversations.

Enabling e-Learning members are already connecting and asking requests, you can see some of the latest discussions here. This year we'd love to see more educators (teachers, leaders, community members) sharing their stories online. For example sharing...

  • What happens during the planning stages when preparing for learning opportunities that include/infuse e-learning? 
  • What happens during a lesson or lessons when students are using or learning about digital technologies? 
  • What happens as result of learning with digital technologies? 

Reflecting on these processes would enable us to share a window into each other's practice, as well as provide an opportunity for us all to benefit from the collective wisdom and experience of this group.

We also welcome any requests or suggestions to help make this community better meet your needs. Just contact Nathaniel or myself directly.

Until we connect next time, ka kite ano.

 Tessa Gray and Nathaniel Louwrens smiley (Enabling e-Learning online facilitators)