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What have we been talking about?

It’s been a busy year and you have all had (e-learning) things on your mind.

Each time we connected with each other online, we collated these conversations for you in the Enabling e-Learning blog.

We ran several virtual workshops throughout the year where over 600 community members attended or watched the webinar recordings. These included:

We all got really active during Connected Educator Month in October and continued to build our online relationships, by connecting with other educators nationally and internationally.

In the Leadership group (1146 members) community members engaged in rich conversations to further develop their own leadership beliefs and practice. This included conversations about;

Community members were brave enough inquire deeply into current practices, while critically reflecting on future implications. The rigour of these conversations, show how key ideas and understandings have been further developed and deepened by the respectful responses and input of others. 

While references were made to localised experiences, connections were also made to current research and how this relates to organisational leadership and change. 

Teaching (936 members) was also a busy group, where most of our online conversations were held. Community members regularly created authentic reasons to connect with each other, about those things most relevant to their own classroom practice; with a particular focus on meeting the needs of diverse learners through the effective use of technologies.

Experiences and opinions in online threads helped to scaffold conversations about new possibilities, while live events with guest speakers illustrated schools stories of effective practice and innovation. Teachers sharing with teachers - is still one of the most powerful aspects of connecting online.

In terms of Professional Learning (487 members) conversations, we talked about how we’re meeting our own professional learning needs through a variety of personalised ways; and while we did this, we acknowledged the impact of social and virtual technologies as responsive forms of PLD.

Community members were able to share opportunities to socially connect with each other while exchanging information online. Connections were made between different social networks and learning communities, including Twitter conversations such as:

Not surprisingly, there was a lot of interest in conversations around technologies (537 members) and how these can be purchased, used and maintained. Community members were not shy in coming forward with practical ideas and solutions for others to consider.

There was never a shortage of community members willing to jump in and provide some practical teaching advice or technical support. Links, examples and resources were shared, which has hopefully resulted in more informed choices, decisions and successful outcomes for all.

Beyond the classroom (314 members) still offered some challenges for us in schools, as we discussed ways to inform, engage and consult with the wider community (through the use of e-tools) in the following conversations;

A new wero or challenge for us in 2015 might be to find more ways to align our own knowledge of home school partnerships to theory and research where we can further our conversations, develop our learning and build new knowledge around ways we can make connections and grow learning partnerships between schools and the wider community.


In summary, we've read, viewed, listened and talked a lot in 2014. We've even come together to build new knowledge and co-construct new resources together.

Thank you to everyone who viewed, lurked, liked a post or left a comment or participated, interacted or presented in an Enabling e-Learning live event.

Thank you also to those who shone a light on their practice, by doing so, you have encouraged the rest of us to do the same.

Lastly, thank to everyone who helps make the Enabling e-Learning community a live, welcoming and safe place to engage about all those things that matter to us most about teaching and learning (with an e-learning lens).

It is exciting to know we have such a large, collective voice online.

Ngā mihi mō te Kirihimete

Ngā Tess smiley