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Latest Educational Opportunities and News

I know most of you are in the midst of report writing or have just completed them. Therefore today's focus is on the latest news and educational opportunities that might be relevant to you.  

Our primary ESOL Community

  • Gwenna Finikin the representative for the primary special interest group of TESOLANZ (professional body of ESOL teachers) has invited you to participate in a survey. This time it is on what support is accessed/accessible for ELLs. The SIG would be really interested to hear about your experiences, stories and decision making around support for your ELLs.
  •  Catriona shared about the delivery to schools of the new Ready to Read books. Also details about the Ready to Read webinarPLD opportunity which will be held on Thursday, 20th November between 3.30 and 4.30 p.m. Just register your interest first.  
  • Thank you Felicity, for your feedback on the success of your HSP sessions for parents.
  • Jason shared about the new Maori History website and Te Takanga o te Wā, Guidelines for Teachers Years 1-4. 

An opportunity for Teacher-led Funded research

The Teacher-led Innovation Fund  is an exciting opportunity for you to engage in some funded research. You will find all the details in the link.

Projects supported by the fund will increase our pool of evidence about best practice in New Zealand classrooms. This will help raise achievement, especially for Māori students, Pasifika students, those with special education needs and those from low socio-economic backgrounds, by helping teachers develop more effective teaching practice.

The Teacher-led Innovation Fund will help teachers tackle real challenges. It will offer them the time and resource to develop innovative ways of helping children and young people succeed at school.

The fund will allow teachers to:

·         undertake practical research with other teachers to find ways to help individuals or groups of students succeed

·         work with academics and researchers to test these ideas

·         share what works with schools and other educators across New Zealand.

To help you in your application process it may be worth reading the recently published, The Professional Development Advisory Group | 2014  Report. On the same page you can also read a  new approach to centrally funded PLD, Professional Development Advisory Group | AUGUST 2014 PROFESSIONAL LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT Conversations with the profession.

NEW resources on Assessment Online 

Assessment online have just updated their ‘Reporting to Parents’ material for school leaders and teachers. Updated templates, models and examples have been provided to assist schools in developing their own reporting frameworks. The material was tested with key user-groups including schools and parents.it is all available at  http://assessment.tki.org.nz/Reporting-to-parents-whanau . This new material includes a new Mid-year report for ELLS student report example and template.

The new materials include:

Also included are the following pages:

You may like to consider reviewing the way you report to parents in light of this new material ready for mid-year reporting in 2015. This may be something we could share and collaborate about, in our esolonline community. 

Conference Opportunity in 2015

If you are planning PLD opportunities for 2015 you may like to consider attending The 4th International Conference on Language, Education and Diversity (LED2015) conference. LED focuses specifically on the impact of increased cultural linguistic diversity, at both national and supranational levels, and its consequences for the theory, policy and practice of language education. When: Monday 23 November – Thursday 26 November 2015 at the University of Auckland. Keynote Speakers include: Professor Jasone Cenoz;Galumalemana Alfred HunkinProfessor Ryuko KubotaProfessor Alastair PennycookProfessor Elana Shohamy and Professor Steve Thorne .

Other Communities

Literacy: there has been interesting discussion around the updated Ready to Read series. Anne’s latest literacy update is also well worth reading.  

VLN: Jason Ruakere published a new blog post: Potato Planting at the Pā /blog/view/905970/potato-planting-at-the-pa


What topics and issues are you pondering over this week that we can discuss online?

Enjoy your week