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Round up of posts on Primary ESOL Online and the LEE Communities, Weekly Update

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By Janet McQueen

Hi everyone

 I hope you are all enjoying sunnier weather and got through Guy Fawkes unscathed. I always love watching the public Wellington firework display over the harbour as you get such wonderful reflections. Luckily this year the weather was perfect for it. I always found time to explain the history of Guy Fawkes to my ELLS as it is quite an unusual part of our history.

Today I am posting a round-up of all the relevant discussions over the last two weeks across the mailing lists. I will also share a few useful links and research that I have discovered later in the week.

Our Primary ESOL Online Community

Everyone has been very quiet I guess that is a sign of how busy you are with evaluations, report writing and the usual end-of-year school events etc. I hope to hear more from some of you soon as you begin to look ahead to 2015. Now is a good time to ask those questions that have puzzling or niggling away with you that you haven’t quite got around to asking /exploring. Or to find out what others are doing about something that you are thinking about revising/changing in 2015.

A reminder for Wellington readers of the WATESOL AGM meeting where Julie Luxton will talk on  Enhancing Pasifika Student Writing Achievement, 12 November, 4pm, Wellington High School.

Opportunities: The Indonesia Cultural Connections Trip is an initiative to build cultural connections with Indonesia. The Asia NZ Foundation will be selecting 12 participants to take part in this 10-day trip, which will include visits to Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bali. Dates: 15 April to 24 April 2015. Click here for further information.

Last week I shared School wide leadership and design of HSP programmes  and followed this up with a question thread on Successful Home-School partnership strategies/events,  What Home-School partnership strategies/events has your school tried this year that have been successful? There was also some feedback to Judith Anthony’s guest post on the VLN, from Julie who shared a bilingual book group strategy that she is using, /pages/view/903890/judith-anthony-guest-post-strategies-that-i-have-found-successful-in-engaging-with-parents-from-diverse-communities.

Catriona has shared a number of useful resources and information, including

·         Feedback wanted on Ministry resources e.g. the new Ready to Read series and the associated webinars, the new Ready to Read NZ sign language ebooks and a review of the TKI websites.

·         Ready to read webinar opportunity  20th November between 3.30 and 4.30 p.m. Go to http://literacyonline.tki.org.nz/Literacy-Online/News/Ready-to-Read-review-webinar to register.

·         If you missed the Building a PLN for literacy webinar a shortened recording of the same presentation, with all the links and slides is available.  More links and snapshots of the slides are available in this google doc. The recorded webinar will also be embedded on the literacy site in the next few days.

·         Connected series wins award and want feedback on how you use this series.

·         Māori history in the school curriculumThe Māori History website  is designed to give you access to materials that will assist in the implementation of Te Takanga o te Wā, Guidelines for Teachers Years 1-4.

Michelle shared 'Schooling the World: The White Man's Last Burden' in her Pasifika update. This is a very thought provoking video link on how white men used schooling as a tool of colonization. It reminded me of a Critical Literacy paper I did where we explored the European/Pakeha perspective of education and how that might be different from other cultural perspectives on education. This was powerful learning for me and helped me to begin to explore new approaches in the way I teach and how I support diverse learners and their families.  

Other List serve communities

Literacy Online:

·         Children’s authors around New Zealand: Recently we have showcased James NorcliffeSharon Holt, and David Hair  on Children's authors around New Zealand. Have you checked out their writer’s tips?

·         There have been a number of very rich discussions on Literacy online that have caught my attention lately. I would love our discussions on esolonline to become this rich.  These discussions have been on :

o   Junior standardised testing,

o   Junior testing, why, what and how

o   ipad usage to support writing

o    How much talk? Introducing the text

o   Reading , effective goal setting , personalising the reading for students

·         Robert shared the latest new and updated entries on Many Answers including on Guy Fawkes Night.

Secondary ESOL

·         End of year and ELLP assessments

Secondary Literacy

·          Assessment useful across the curriculum

·         Alana’s summary of the above discussion and latest update


·         Have you looked at the VLN group Blended e-Learning Literacy? There are some great suggestions with examples for reading, writing and oral language. Now is a great time to investigate new approaches and think about how these would enhance your learners’ language development next year.

I hope that you find something of interest to explore or that something sparks another question for you.

Do have a great week and if you want to share something or ask a question email primaryesol@lists.tki.org.nz

Kind regards

Janet McQueen