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Google Apps for Education

Moata rau

As a facilitator working in schools and kura I am fortunate enough to see and hear so many success stories involving learners, teachers, whānau and the wider community. Collaborative tools such as Google Apps for Education are very topical as combined with effective pedagogy have the ability to empower the relationship within schools and kura.

Here are some stories from the superb Enabling e-Learning site. I have chosen these stories as they demonstrate how the tool is used and the rationale or pedagogy to support them. Key themes in this stories include Māori and Pasifika learners, teaching as inquiry, collaboration, ubiquitous learning and sharing.

Raising student writing levels using Google docs

The impact of using Google Apps on literacy learning in the classroom

Goal setting and reflection: Literacy learning supported by Google docs

Tomorrow I will share some activities using Google Apps for Education. As always any requests or clarifications I invite you to comment below.

Finally check out this week's events for Connected Educator Month, including today's webinar on Māori medium resources on TKI.

Ngā mihi