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Where are we in the VLN?

We’ve been talking a lot about Personalising learning for students lately on the VLN, and I’ve recently shared some ideas about Sneaky ways to fit professional learning into a busy schedule during ULearn14 in the presentation below.

Judging from the following Google Analytics, the power and potential of the VLN is becoming increasingly realised nationally and even globally.

Take at look a these VLN stats for September 2014…

Visitors this month

Can you see yourself in here?

Google analytics September 2014

Quick Glance for Enabling e-Learning


Can’t wait to see results for Connected Educator Month!


  • Phoebe Fabricius

    WOW thanks Tessa.  I know this will help teachers really look at their own inquiries and use VLN to establish a connection with other teachers/learners who can support/share and communicate effective practiced learning and resources.  Big kudos.  And the great thing about this, is I learnt alot today through watching your video too.


  • Tessa Gray

    Oh thanks Phoebe, you've done some great observations of your own.

    There are 2 great drivers for educators to use the VLN/Enabling e-Learning groups:

    • I have a question/query/inquiry
    • I have some expertise/experience

    Perfect combination!

    P.S I'm just trying to figure out to fix those Google images smiley

  • Tessa Gray

    Images fixed now smiley