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Digital Tools to enhance te reo Māori learning and teaching

Moata rau

Yesterday’s post we looked at the He Reo Tupu He Reo Ora resource and the reomations included in this resource. Recording is a superb strategy to support learning and teaching of te reo Māori. With so many digital technologies out there we sometimes forget how useful the camera is on the devices we use. There are several ways you can make your own film or reomation to capture a kōrero between learners. A very popular way is using apps simlar to Puppet Pals where voice can be recorded and shared.

Finally this kōrero on apps to support te reo Māori in the iPad rōpū and Android rōpū are worth checking out. If you have an app you use for te reo Māori then I invite you to share.

Nāku noa




  • Tessa Gray

    A green puppet speaking Te Reo... I love it! Thanks for sharing Anaru.

    It's also got my mind racing about other ideas for capturing, archiving and assessing learning. I can see the potential for students to create recordings so:

    • these digital resources become vocabulary teaching tools for others - maybe even with text to model UDL for diverse learner's needs
    • students can check their own pronunciation and make improvements, - re-record and track improvements
    • that these can be used for oral examinations/assessment tasks and maybe archived in e-Portfolios

    Any other ideas? yes