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Engaging whānau though Technologies

Kia ora e te whānau

Today's post shares how different tools can be used to engage whānau and the wider community, and the benefits this provides.

This story showcases how technology has enabled parents to be involved in different ways with students' learning.

More stories of engaging whānau through technologies.

e-Portfolios are a great way to engage whānau through ubiquitous access. This story describes the benefits of using e-portfolios.

Using e-portfolios to engage with the community

Ngā mihi




  • Manny Horua

    Thank you for sharing these videos.  It is always interesting to see and  learn what other schools are doing to engage whanau and increase their involvement in their children's learning.  This year we will be implementing an Action plan to increase whanau engagement through ICT and empowering whanau to better support their tamariki at home with their learning.  We aim to run workshops / breakouts on the programs used in class by the tamariki initially.  Later workshops would be on a variety of programs to be determined by the whanau and what they would like to learn more about.  

    I would be interested to hear how other schools are involving whanau with ICT and the learning.

    Kia ora