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Visual Arts Summary 29th - 12th October 2014

A reminder about those important NCEA deadlines, folios need to be ready for courier collection on:

Level 1: Wednesday 22nd October

Level 2: Wednesday 29th October

Level 3 & Scholarship: Thursday 6th November


See this link for further details, and if you are unsure of anything, please ask via visartsnet and someone will be able to help, or see your school’s PN (principal’s nominee).


The unlearn Conference happened during the second week of the holidays in Rotorua. This event is a real show-case of innovation, creative thinking, and modern learning practices in New Zealand. If you went along (Tim, Angela?) it would be wonderful if you could share a short reflection with us on visartsnet.


October is “Connected Educator Month”. How is your online professional learning network developing? Want to know how to get yourself started or develop your professional growth further? Want access to free, high quality professional development? See starter resources here, and view the events calendar here. “Connected Educator Month is a global initiative designed to support and promote networked approaches to educational professional learning”.


It was reported over the weekend that Professor Jonathan Mane-Wheoki has died. From the article: “A leading scholar of Maori art, he held roles as dean of music and fine arts at the University of Canterbury, head of Elam Art School, head of arts and visual culture at Te Papa, and served on a wide range of relevant national and international bodies, including as a member of Te Haerewa, Auckland Art Gallery's Maori Advisory Group”. I know his work impacted many art teachers.



The list was quiet over the holiday break, so the two weeks are combined here:


Photography Books

Camilla asked for a list of great photography books as she plans for a new level two photography course for next year. BruceMeredith, and Mark shared suggestions, follow the links to view their posts.


Course and Teacher Survey Forms

Linda is interested in seeing students course / teacher survey forms that have been useful / successful for visual arts and art history. 


Art Teacher Blogs and Twitter

Tim is keen to collate blog links and twitter handles of art teachers onto his fabulous website, which is an excellent ‘one stop shop’ of resources for digital art rooms and 21st century learning approaches. Rob @robangus74 responded with the link to his blog www.robsartstudio.com


Tim’s site is: www.digitalartoom.co.nz email Tim on: tim_thatcher@hotmail.com


Art Students Blogs

Tim is also interested in those who get their art students to blog instead of, or as well as, keep visual diaries. Rowena uses Blogger with her students, which works well with a smart phone app for easy upload of photos of work. Graham uses Google Classroom, Kaizena, and a Wiki site. Paula has this year investigated the option of electronic workbooks for level 3 photography students. Some of her students use Weebly. She has found that students working with electronic workbooks are more critical and reflective.


Digital Portfolios Workshop with Yoobee

Workshops are on Thursday 20th November and Friday 21st November in Wellington at AGC Yoobee School of Design, Level 2, 20 Kent Terrace, 9am - 4pm. $120. See the post for further details, and to view a short movie of wonderful Astrid Visser (Hutt Valley High School) talking about benefits and challenges of digital portfolios. 

Contact blair.willems@yoobee.ac.nz


2.3/3.3 evidence on Folios

Michelle is looking into marking some of the work on folios for the .3 internal standards, and is interested in knowing how others approach this. She is interested in task sheets and how moderation is managed.



Madeline Campbell

Arts Online - Visual Arts Community Facilitator

Post to: visartsnetlists.tki.org.nz 


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