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Tuhituhinga - Writing

Ata mārie

Today I am posting about a couple of requests on engaging learners and improving achievement in writing. I have shared the following resources with teachers and schools I work alongside with. All have been positively received.

Making the writing programme fun.
A crowd sourced Google slide full of ideas and you may have one to share.

Jason Ruakere’s blog in the Beyond the Classroom VLN group
“I'm currently working with five Māori boys in Years 6 & 7 from Coastal Taranaki School. Together we developed a wānanga (programme) with the boys, their whānau and their Māori Studies teacher. The vision of the wānanga is to strengthen their identity, leadership, life skills and literacy. The programme is based every Monday morning at the local marae and most activities are practical with a cultural focus.” Jason Ruakere

Māori Boys’ Achievement in Writing VLN Kōrero
A previous discussion full of ideas including school stories, digital technologies and sharing of practice.

Blended e-Learning Literacy 
VLN group full of resources and discussions.

As always any requests or ideas I invite you to comment below.

Hei konā