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Learning with Digital Technologies for Māori Learners - Skype

Kia ora anō

“Connected Educator Month is a global initiative designed to support and promote networked approaches to educational professional learning.” http://connectededucator.org.nz/about/

With so many exciting events happening during Connected Educator Month (CEM) I strongly encourage you to check out the CEM calendar and make the most of the opportunities. Including today from 11.30 - 12.30 Change Leadership: Connecting Māori and Pasifika.

Here are two examples of how schools have used Skype to be connected.

Learning our Mihi - Brightwater School/Melville Intermediate (Kia ora Allanah King
Facilitating shared learning using Skype - Melville Intermediate/Broadlands Primary

Mauriora ki a koutou





  • Anaru White

    Link to shared notes on yesterday's webinar, Change Leadership: Connecting Māori and Pasifika.

  • Melanie Matthews

    Love that you have shared a connection I was part of a few years ago, when I was at Broadlands. The actual  network connection is terrible at Broadlands yet we still managed. At thd end of 2013 I left Broadlands and now have the pleasure of being connected with fibre. It makes a difference and allows you to think bigger in how and ways to connect with others. 

    This term I plan to run SOLE and get my mum to skype in to be the Granny in the cloud. I think mum will love it. Watch this space!

  • Anaru White

    Kia ora Melanie

    Thanks for sharing how you managed without great connectivity. Looking forward to hearing more.