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Visual Arts Summary 22nd-28th September 2014

I trust you’ve all had a good start to the holidays, I seem to have managed to sleep for almost two days. Make sure you have some down-time before running any holiday ‘get folios finished’ workshops at school. 

I’d like to recognise the lead that Kate has taken to use this forum to acknowledge and celebrate the awesome things that some of those involved in art education do around the country, and I’d like to encourage more of this here - tell us about the people in art education that are inspiring you and working hard for visual arts education in New Zealand.

Once folios are done, I’ll be asking you all to share an assignment with us, that we can add to our shared resources in the ‘teacher resource exchange’. Keep this thought in the back of your mind for now - it would be great to have lots of fresh, up-to-date, interesting, innovative, and tried-and-true assignments to reference as we plan for next year, and to begin the new year with.



Some notes from the last week of school:


Jeff Gomez Workshop

James let us know about the upcoming one day Transmedia Storytelling Masterclass on 14th October, being run by Jeff Gomez, at the Unitec Institute of Technology. See the post for details and a flyer.


Evidence Statements for Externals

We had our attention kindly drawn to assessment schedules and evidence statements recently added on the NZQA site. I imagine they are dated 2013 to link them to the new level 3 achievement standards implemented last year. Lila noted that they are really useful for sharing with students, and explaining to them about how to organise their work and frame their ideas. See this post for the link and for the statements for the five level 3 fields.


School Holiday Art Tutor

Fiona at Artsight is looking for a tutor for 2 days of the school holidays, 3rd and 4th October. Email fiona@artsight.co.nz


Westlake Boys and Girls Combined Art Departments Exhibition

Kheang invited us along to the opening of this exhibition of ex-students who are established artists, students at Elam, art teachers, and selected year 13 students. Jazz band, wine, juice and food. The exhibition opens Sunday 5th October 5-7pm at Northart Gallery in Auckland. See his post for a line-up of the fantastic artists who are represented (not to mention the talent abound amongst the teachers!).


Semi-Permanent Wellington & Auckland Code Details

Simon shared the discount code for those going along - spwgtnplease - enter this on the Semi Permanent website.

There is also a photography workshop on the 6th or 7th November with Antonin Kratochvil.

And importantly, Simon has asked us TO LET HIM KNOW if 26/27th June is suitable for an Auckland event date - so PLEASE DO! Lisa did respond, this date is week 10 term two, a great time she thought for ending the term nicely and inspiring students with their folios.


NCEA L1, L2 Moderation Afternoons Christchurch Schools

Level 1 folios is Monday 20th October, 5pm, Level 2 folios is Tuesday 28th October, 5pm, both at Rangi Ruru. Contact Kate for details if needed k.rivers@rangiruru.school.nz


Acknowledgements to wonderful souls

Kate wrote a spectacular post in her role as CATA president celebrating the service and commitment of a number of individuals to art education in Aotearoa. Those mentioned included Bronwyn Taylor, awarded ‘Outstanding Contribution to Art Education in New Zealand’ from ANZAAE; the ANZAAE Conference committee; and the CATA Committee for the work they have done to connect art teachers and the community following the earthquakes, through events such as the Big Printmaking Festival. See her post for full details.


Teaching Position - Hillcrest High School

15.5 hrs, start term1 2015. To teach art up to level 3. Contact Sally for further details or to apply: sspittal@hillcrest-high.school.nz


Arts Online Website Update

The website has been updated to support ease of navigation. Please let us know if you notice anything amiss or would like to see any particular resources added.


Arts Online Newsletter

See this month’s Arts Online newsletter here.


Madeline Campbell

Arts Online - Visual Arts Community Facilitator

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