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iPads are a great tool for supporting shy learners in the classroom

Kia ora koutou,


This week the boys have been learning about Karakatonga Pā which was located at the headwaters of the Waiawakaiho river prior to the arrival of Pukeonaki maunga.

Learning intentions

  • The boys will learn about Karakatonga Pā

  • Literacy focus is on pronunciation, correct spelling and editing skills

  • Effective use of iPad apps to support learning

e-Learning tools supporting learning

iPads, camera and various apps including: Bitsboard, Tallegami, Book Creator and Educreations.

Learning supported with rākau


  • The boys are developing confidence with using the ipad

  • Bitsboard, Tallegami and Book Creator allow the boys to re-record their voice as many times as they wish until they are happy with the outcome

  • This was particularly helpful when Manawairua recorded his pepeha about Karakatonga Pā

  • Pronunciation is improving as well as spelling

  • The editing function included in these apps are particularly helpful for editing their work before publishing it to the blog

Manawairua's Pepeha about Karakatonga Pā created with Tallegami

  • As the iPads are shared with other students in the school the work completed by the boys is sometimes missing from the previous week

  • On some occasions when the boys arrive to the marae, certain apps are missing from the iPad

  • We are unable to share their work as the iPads email function is currently disabled

What’s next

Over the next two weeks we will be learning about the original inhabitants on the maunga and the circumstances around the naming of the mountain. This kaupapa will end with an overnight tramp to Pouakai hut.


  • Allanah King

    You are doing stunning work with your boys.

    Can I suggest you put the free app Flick on the iPads.


    Then it is too easy to 'flick' things between devices.

    iPad to iPad, iPad to iPhone, iPad to laptop (Windows or Mac) or Android to iPad. 

    You no longer need to have email on your iPads.

    It is especially good for Book Creator where the projects with video etc in them are too big to email an way.

  • Jason Ruakere

    Thanks for this Allanah a great idea.

    Ngā mihi nui,


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