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Congratulations to our 5 Day Challenge winners

Congratulations to everyone who dived into our 5 Day Challenge and became Challenge Winners. Wear your community badges with pride!

Several of you have now updated your profile page, joined new groups, liked a discussion post, made new friends and left a comment online.

This short presentation gives a quick overview about how these activities can help us (as community members), to get the most out of this professional learning community Smile.

The Ultimate 5 Day Challenge winner is >>>> Marnel van der Spuy

Marnel van der Spuy  image

A big congratulations to all those who participated and for some - everyday this week.


Comments included:

Allanah King

I'm gonna be on to it tomorrow. Teaching all day today got in the way of accepting the wero. My competitive streak is kicking in when I see other friends winning something!!! 


Phil Giddens

Thanks for the challenges and the polls. A great idea, and a fun way to ease the transition from lurker to contributor.

Judith Smallbone

Funny!! My Year 9's think it is great that I have got wee badges!! :) Just goes to show you are never too old for stickers!!

This challenge has been great, have loved looking around a bit more - this is a fabulous resource. Nice to find likeminded people...a virtual staffroom!

Anne Kenneally

Woohoo... new friends = MAGIC!!!

Really enjoyed the whole experience. Re engaged me on the VLN.
Until next time, hei konā mai,

Tess and the online team.