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10 weeks of bliss!

Well I have been waiting all Term 2 to get my sabbatical underway.  Here is Term 3 and already 4 days in and i can see how the time can go fast.  I would really like to use the VLN to support my journey this term.  Not sure if this is the right space, but thought might as well start here until someone gives me a better way.


  • Nathaniel Louwrens

    Hi Sharyn.

    Yes, time can go very quickly! What are you doing during your sabbatical? I'm sure the awesome people within the VLN would love to support you on your journey. That's what we're all about Cool.

    Would love to hear more. Perhaps there is another way, but writing blog posts could be a good place to start.


  • Sharyn Douglas

    Hello Nathaniel

    Love to hear other ways.  I have started a google doc for my school team to follow, as I think my sabbatical peaked curiosity from others in school!

     My sabbatical outline is around creating a system for teacher inquiry that my school wanted linked to appraisal.  After many readings around this topic, I am now leaning towards how we create the need and passion for teachers to want to inquiry?  

    What environment does a teacher or learner need so that inquiry becomes natural and holistic, that they can’t help but be reflective?  What would make each teacher seek feedback, question their understanding and seek improvements?  How is it linked to intrinsic motivation or leadership requirements that would make this the norm in learning?

    Any ideas out there on where to head?


  • Nathaniel Louwrens

    Hi Sharyn

    I think you'll be interested in this brand new sub-group of Enabling e-Learning that has been created called Tertiary Track. I think you will find this is just the space you've been looking for to talk about your studies and get ideas etc from others! You can add a discussion topic in here.

    I love the "can't help to be reflective" idea. I think that looking for what makes teachers want to inquire could be fascinating.

    Although probably not overly helpful, my eye was drawn to the words "intrinsic motivation" because my research supervisor (I've just finished MEd earlier this year) wrote her PhD thesis on student motivation and really is a NZ expert in this area.

    Anyway... check out the new group and hopefully it'll grow quite quickly!