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What a busy six months we’ve had | At a quick glance

imageThe education system is moving towards an increasingly collaborative model. One of CORE Education’s 10 trends for 2014, describes Networked organisations as; more fluid, borderless, relationship-based organisations, where new partnerships are formed and collaboration encouraged and respected within a high-trust model.

The hierarchy has changed and now anyone can network together socially or professionally to meet personal or common goals, through the use of web-capable mobile devices and social networks. (New technologies and collaborative processes)

That’s us - including you! And this is where we are in the VLN:

Other active Enabling e-Learning groups include:


Top 10 page views last two weeks were:


  1. Enabling e-Learning group 882 views
  2. Blended e-Learning literacy group 558 views
  3. Ipad/iPod user group 495 views
  4. Google apps for education group 424 views
  5. Modern Learning environments grouo 349 views
  6. E-Learning Planning Frameworks group 312 views
  7. Chromebook/Chrome user group 303 views
  8. e-Learning Leadership group 286 views
  9. Getting started on the VLN 252 views
  10. Universal Design for Learning 220 views








We’ve hosted several LIVE webinars so far this year:


We’ve also hosted the following dedicated forums and discussions: 

We saw more members share their expertise as online mentors in LIVE events and Forums, Enabling e-Learning media clips, as well as collaborative projects and we want to specifically thank the following:


Josie WoonVanitha GoviniChris BradbeerMark OsborneHeather EcclesJustin hickeyAnjela WebsterJuliet DickinsonMary-Anne Murphy , Leigh Hynes , Andrew de Wit , Rachel BolstadBede GilmoreMoana TimokoCatriona PeneSandy DoughertyTim GanderJody GarlandAllanah King


We hope to congratulate and honour many more community members in the coming months.

We've made personal connections via emails and message boards. You saw us in community blogs, social media spaces, retweeted some of our 1,516 tweets and became one of our 2,360 followers in Twitter, and added to the 214 likes on Facebook.

Jason RuakereNathaniel LouwrensTwo new online facilitators have started with us, Jason Ruakere and Nathaniel Louwrens. Find out more about the online whānau at Ko wai mātou - Who are we? 

More is planned for the second half of this year, so keep an eye out for us, as we put together a new calendar of events for Term 3.

Image source: Flickr